Lane Bryant Isn’t Ashamed to Show Models With Stretch Marks

It’s not too often that you see an unretouched photo as the star of a fashion spread or ad. But Lane Bryant just made history by doing so. Best known for its plus-size fashion and statement-making campaigns, this time around the brand is getting a lot of attention for an Instagram photo on its account showing model Denise Bidot baring stretch marks.

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In the image, Bidot models a blue bikini, and the stretch marks on her lower stomach are on full display—they aren’t even the least bit photoshopped, which we think is fabulous. Even models have stretch marks, and why should the world be fooled to think otherwise?

Although the brand doesn’t make any mention of her stretch marks or the unretouched photo in the post, CMO and EVP of marketing Brian Beitler says, “Society and the media continuously project an unrealistic and frankly outdated beauty and body standard.”

Bidot shared the image on her Instagram page and captioned the photo with: “Loving this new image and how real it is. Thank you @laynebryant for loving my body, stretch marks and all.”

We love the image, and the fact that they embraced her body for what it is, too.