Timing Is Everything: The New Wave of Skin Care Based on Circadian Rhythms

Timing Is Everything: The New Wave of Skin Care Based on Circadian Rhythms featured image
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Your skin can keep time, and it might even do it better than we do. Board-certified dermatologists and cosmetic chemists have been working to crack the code on how our skin’s circadian rhythm works, we’ve entered the next phase of revolutionary skin care: Chrono-Beauty.

This biological time-keeping function allows our skin to keep a continuous cycle of repair. Thanks to these innovative breakthroughs, we’re able to formulate skin care that works in tandem with our skin’s circadian rhythm.

The Circadian Rhythm

Our circadian rhythms encompass physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow 24-hour cycles. While we might think of it in terms of the rise and fall of melatonin, the sleepy hormone that helps us get tired when the sun goes down, our skin has its own circadian rhythm.

“Our skin is not a passive canvas,” explains Beverly Hills, CA board-certified dermatologist Ava Shamban, MD. “Rather, it’s a dynamic organ governed by its own internal clock that orchestrates a symphony of cellular activities.”

The discovery of clock genes, Nobel Prize-winning research, holds profound implications for skin care’s future.

“The newfound understanding of the skin’s circadian rhythm reshapes how we approach treating the dermis and epidermis,” Dr. Shamban notes. “This includes understanding how synchronicity in skin physiology and disruptions in rhythm can lead to premature aging, delayed cellular repair, uneven pigmentation, and impaired healing.”


Our skin’s circadian rhythm is dictated by these clock genes, which are molecular guardians that regulate skin renewal and DNA repair, collagen synthesis and antioxidant defenses. 

“Our clock genes regulate key skin processes,” Dr. Shamban says. “Deploying actives in support of synchronization will ensure the peak skin function, regeneration, resilience and appearance over a 24-hour cycle.”

Many skin-care products focus on ever-complex systems like our skin matrix, pH-balance and or microbiome. There is no denying that the products we use to treat skin concerns are becoming more sophisticated. And chrono-cosmeceuticals which are synced to our skin’s circadian cycles present an innovative future for skin care.

Skin Syncing

Syncing up our routine with our genetic DNA repair cycle is a no-brainer.

“It is time to align key ingredients in skin care to not only synchronize with our biological circadian rhythm but maintain, support, and enhance our skin health,” explains Dr. Shamban.

Based on laboratory skin research, Dr. Shamban has some key advice: “The best defense often starts with a good offense. By syncing the skin’s intricate natural repair mechanisms with targeted ingredient complexes, we optimize dermal health both day and night, altering the course of cellular aging.”

Beyond syncing our skin’s circadian rhythm, this approach ensures more effective skincare. That’s why board-certified dermatologists like Dr. Shamban anticipate Chrono-Beauty and Skin Syncing as the next wave in revolutionary skin care—the natural progression.

“As we fully embrace the true rhythms of our skin, it will unlock a future with beauty that truly lies within. The idea is to give our skin what it needs at the time it needs it—because timing is everything,” Dr. Shamban says.

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