Tinx Shares Her Experience With Neurotoxins

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TikTok influencer Christina Najjar—you know her as Tinx—has dubbed herself TikTok’s “older sister” for being one of the oldest people on the platform at the ancient age of 32. (She has a great sense of humor). If you are one of her 1.5 million followers, you know her transparency and down-to-earth approach is what makes her so likable. She’s admitted to being bad at doing her makeup, and she’s an open book about anxiety and mental health. This week we chatted with the LA-based content creator about her love of neurotoxins, as well as her other favorites in the beauty department.

First, can we talk about your neurotoxin injections? I know we’re both fans.

“Yes! I had had other neurotoxins in the past, but I had heard so much about Dysport, which I’ve been getting for a while now. For me, it lasts longer. I travel a lot and have a busy schedule, and I only need to do it maybe two or three times a year. It really does last, and that’s a lot more efficient for me. I love that it’s faster-acting too, so you can really see it right away. I get my 11 lines done, and it’s so good for that area. In two days, my skin already looks smooth and beautiful, which is amazing. It’s very low lift, very high reward.”

What would you tell first-timers about neurotoxin?

“It can definitely be intimidating, especially if your friends aren’t doing it or you don’t have anyone to go with or ask firsthand about what the experience is like, but honestly, I love it. It’s actually so relaxing and easy for me. I love going to Dr. Diamond. It’s my favorite time, and we have a chat, we do a little Dysport, and I’m out of there in 15 minutes. I would tell people to do their research because all injectors are different.

A great place to start is to look at before-and-afters on injectors’ pages or tagged photos on their Instagram so you can get a sense of their style. Also, be specific and ask for what you want. Are you looking for a more lifted look, or are there lines in a specific place that are bothering you? They are there to help you and they know what’s best.

I’ve been getting neurotoxin for several years now—I think I started at 26 or 27 really lightly—so I know what I like and I know how to ask for what I like. When I was younger, I probably went back for touch-ups a couple times because I was shy and didn’t know what to ask for, or to ask for a little more.”

Are there any other in-office treatments on your radar this year?

“I am very interested in doing some sort of a laser this year. I haven’t done one yet, but I really need one for my chest because I may or may not have worshipped the sun a little bit too much when I was younger. I’m also starting to think it might be time for filler this year, but I have a lot of research to do. I’m always open to trying new things.”

Your skin looks very youthful and plump, so I think whatever you’re doing right now is working.

“That’s so nice. I didn’t drink for a month—I did Dry January—so sadly I think that’s a really big reason. It’s crazy the difference it makes in your skin.”

Are there any in-office treatments you’d never do?

“I’ve seen a lot of people getting buccal fat removal, and for me, I don’t think it would suit my face. I have a pretty round face and I like it. Especially now that I’m in my 30s, it makes me feel more youthful. Even though I know it looks great on some people, it wouldn’t suit me.”

What beauty products do you love that you found on TikTok?

“I got a Riki mirror for doing my makeup, and I was always like, I’m not a makeup girly really, so I don’t really need that. Finally I just got one and it changed my life. I’m obsessed with skin care, and the way you can look at your skin just makes putting on makeup so much easier. It’s really the best product that TikTok has ever influenced me to buy. I highly recommend getting one. It changes everything. I also have the portable one now because I’ve become that girl who brings her own mirror because I can’t do makeup in a hotel bathroom unless I have that.”

Are there any TikTok beauty trends you’ve tried that just don’t work for you?

“White eyeliner. I was so influenced by white eyeliner so fast, but it doesn’t look good me. I wanted it to so bad, but I think it’s really about your coloring and face shape and your eye color, and it just doesn’t work on me. I’m a brown eyeliner girly for life I guess. I really like the Chanel brown eyeliner, and the Hourglass one is really good too.”

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