The 20 Best Mani-Pedi Combos for Summer

The 20 Best Mani-Pedi Combos for Summer featured image
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Summer is right around the corner, which means there’s no time like the present to spruce up your seasonal beauty routine. While scouring through your skin care and hair care routines for necessary swaps, you may also want to rethink your go-to mani/pedi. After all, summer is all about warm, bright fun, which can translate pretty well to fingers and toes. It all boils down to picking the prettiest polish pairings. Instead of experimenting on our own (though we enjoy doing so every now and again), we chatted with three professional nail artists about their must-wear summer manicures and pedicures. In doing so, we learned that summer mani/pedi combos can be broken down into six key categories: the classics, mixed neons, mixed finishes, mixed saturations, mixed opacities and mixed contrast. Ahead, uncover the defining characteristics of each of these combinations, along with a few specific color pairings for each. 

  • Mabelyn Alva is a Paintbox manicurist
  • Olivia Van Iderstine is the VP of Content & Creative and Mani Trend Expert at Olive & June
  • Mazz Hanna is the CEO of Nailing Hollywood

The Classics

These mani/pedi combos have withstood the test of time. 

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Classic French Mani/Pedi

“A classic French mani/pedi is back again and highly requested at our studio for nails,” says Paintbox manicurist Mabelyn Alva. “This works for weddings and is perfect as a vacation combo since it goes with everything.” If you prefer to DIY your nails, achieving a classic French mani/pedi is easier than ever with the Orly Half Moon Guides ($7). They will help you create crisp arched tips every time. 

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Classic Cherry Red Mani/Pedi

Ever notice how red pedicures seem to pop up everywhere? There’s actually something known as the red nail theory, which is the notion that men find red nails most attractive. Whether you’re looking for a suitor or not, we say go red on your fingers and toes—it’s a classic combo that’s especially bright and fun for summer. “We love a bright red matching mani/pedi,” Alva confirms. Some of our favorite red nail polish shades include Paintbox Like Coral ($22), Chanel Incendiare ($32) and Le Mini Macaron Cherry Red ($13).

BUY NOW – $22

BUY NOW – $32

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Classic White Mani/Pedi

Over the years, white nails have become something of a summer mainstay. To get the look, Olive & June’s VP of Content & Creative and Mani Trend Expert, Olivia Van Iderstine, says to take a tonal approach with the brand’s Icing is the Best Part ($9) shade for your fingers and the Swan ($8) shade for your toes. “A white pedicure in summer is a forever favorite, and this quick-dry version dries in about a minute in just two coats, so you can slip on your sandals and go with no smudges,” Van Iderstine adds.

BUY NOW – $9

BUY NOW – $8

Olive & June

Mixed Neon Mani/Pedi

Neons are another summer staple, not only in the nail world but fashion, too. “Neon pairings offer a playful summer look that is perfect for parties, vacations or any occasion where you want to stand out,” says nail artist and Nailing Hollywood CEO Mazz Hanna. “The combination of bright neon shades adds an energetic pop of color to your overall look, which perfectly captures the carefree spirit of summertime.” Check out a few of our favorite neon combos, below.

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Neon Pink and Orange Mani/Pedi

If you gravitate toward warm colors, opt for a vivid pink and orange pairing. “Neon pink for hands and neon orange for toes creates a warm summer look that is great for parties and vacations,” Hanna reiterates. To get the look, she recommends pairing The Gel Bottle’s Gilly and Mimosa shades ($19 each) on your fingers and toes. If you plan to play with neons more than once this summer, though, she suggests buying the Nails Inc. Naked In Neon 4-Piece Set ($22), which comes with neon pink, orange, and yellow shades, as well as a complementary neutral taupe. 

BUY NOW – $22

Nails Inc
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Neon Green and Yellow Mani/ Pedi

If you prefer cool tones, consider a neon green and yellow mani/pedi. “Try neon green for hands and neon yellow for toes for a tropical vibe,” Hanna says, noting you can get the look with The Gel Bottle’s Rainbow and Kingcup shades ($19 each).

BUY NOW – $19

BUY NOW – $19

The Gel Bottle
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Coral and Turquoise Contrast Mani/Pedi

For more of a pastel neon mani/pedi, Van Iderstine suggests pairing the brand’s all-new Summer 2024 shades Maine Character Energy and All Manis on Deck ($9 each). “Nothing says summer like pinky-coral, so try a bright turquoise blue pedicure to add some additional contrast,” she says. “The orange tones in the coral beautifully compliment the blue tones in the turquoise, for a combo that creates so much visual intrigue.”

BUY NOW – $9

BUY NOW – $9

Olive & June

Mixed Finish Mani/Pedi

Even if you want to rock the same color on your fingers and toes, you can add extra visual interest with an unexpected finish. “Mixing shimmery and cream finishes adds depth and dimension to your manicure/pedicure, creating a versatile look that transitions seamlessly from day to night,” Hanna explains. Find two foolproof mixed-finish summer mani/pedi combos, below.

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Mixed Finish Coral Mani/Pedi

Coral is one of the hottest colors of summer, and it looks especially pretty with a mixed finish approach. “Pairing a shimmery coral polish on your hands with a creamy coral on your toes adds depth,” Hanna says. “Opt for Dazzle Dry’s Poolside Pink ($22) for the shimmery coral and Dazzle Dry’s Going Cray Sea ($22) for the creamy coral.”

BUY NOW – $22

BUY NOW – $22

Dazzle Dry
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Mixed Finish Blue Mani/Pedi

For a beachier feel, Hanna recommends combining a shimmery blue polish on your hands with a creamy blue on your toes. “Try Dazzle Dry’s Monsoon Madness ($22) for the shimmery blue and Dazzle Dry’s Spearmint Tea ($22) for the creamy blue,” she instructs.

BUY NOW – $22

BUY NOW – $22

Dazzle Dry

Mixed Saturation Mani/Pedi

Switching up the saturation between your manicure and pedicure is another way to elevate any summer mani/pedi combo. ”Pairing pastel and full saturation colors creates a balanced and harmonious look that is perfect for everyday wear,” Hanna says. “The combination of soft pastels and bold saturated hues adds a [subtle yet] more interesting look to your manicure/pedicure, making it suitable for a variety of occasions.” Find four fun mix-n-match mani/pedis, below.

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Bright Coral and Pastel Peach Mani/Pedi

Coral once more, but this time with a side of peach. “Pair a bright coral on your hands with a soft peach on your toes for a warm-toned look with some contrast,” Hanna says. Get the look with OPI Cajun Shrimp ($12) on the hands and Essie Peach Side Babe ($10) on the toes.

BUY NOW – $12

BUY NOW – $10

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Bold Blue and Orange Mani/Pedi

Blue and orange are complementary on the color wheel, so they make for a pretty stunning summer mani/pedi combo. To get the look, Van Iderstine says to reach for Olive & June’s new Shades of Seersucker ($9) shade for the mani and the I’ll Take Another Spritz ($9) shade for the pedi. “Shades of Seersucker is a gorgeous light periwinkle blue, and this bright, shimmery orange pedi is the perfect complementary color to make it pop,” she says.

BUY NOW – $9

BUY NOW – $9

Olive & June
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Pretty in Purple Mani/Pedi

Royal purple is popping up everywhere as we head into summer 2024, so a pastel lilac mani and vibrant purple pedi (or vice versa) is a stylish pick. To get the look, Alva suggests snagging the Paintbox Like Lilac + Like Muse Power Couple ($40) set for a hassle-free DIY summer mani/pedi. 

BUY NOW – $40

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Bold Indigo and Sky Blue Mani/Pedi

While cool tones are top of mind, another pretty color combo is pale and rich shades of blue. “Match a bold indigo blue on your toes with a muted sky blue on your fingers,” Hanna suggests. “Consider Dazzle Dry’s Mystic Blue ($22) for the indigo blue and Dazzle Dry’s Checkmate ($22) for the sky blue—these colors work well together for everyday wear since they will pair well with a variety of outfits.”

BUY NOW – $22

BUY NOW – $22

Dazzle Dry

Mixed Opacity Mani/Pedi

You can also play with polish opacity for a unique summer mani/pedi. “Opting for sheer and opaque versions of the same color is a great way to add a more interesting look to your mani/pedi combo,” Hanna says. Find a few classic color selections for this summer mani/pedi category, below. 

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Sheer & Opaque Lavender Mani/Pedi

Pale purple is essentially just a cooler, slightly more colorful take on white. So, if you’re tired of summer’s traditional white mani, opt for lavender. Specifically, Hanna says to pair a Gelcare Lavender BB Cream ($20) manicure with a Gelcare Taro Tea ($20) pedicure. “This is a perfect mani/pedi combination for the transition from spring to summer—it’s subtle but still eye-catching,” she says. “The sheerness of Lavender BB Cream enhances the natural beauty of your nails while Taro Tea elevates your look with a clean and refreshing vibe.”

BUY NOW – $20

BUY NOW – $20

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Sheer and Opaque Blush Mani/Pedi

For a romantic, coquette mani/pedi, you can’t go wrong with shades of pink. Van Iderstine recommends pairing an Olive & June Strawberry Scone ($9) mani with a Brave Blush ($9) pedi. “It’s your everyday perfect pale pink combo,” she says. “It’s effortless, neutral, clean and just so pretty.”

BUY NOW – $9

BUY NOW – $9

Olive & June
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Sheer & Opaque White Mani/Pedi 

Looking for a little more white summer mani/pedi inspo? Hanna recommends using Gelcare’s Coconut Milk ($24) on your hands with Gelcare’s French Alps ($24) on your toes. “It’s a great combo for weddings,” she points out. “A sheer white manicure and opaque white pedicure is a classic wedding option that will always look beautiful in photos.”

BUY NOW – $24

BUY NOW – $24

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Sheer & Opaque Hot Pink Mani/Pedi

For a fun, vibrant summer mani/pedi that plays into the opacity trend, get creative with shades of hot pink. “Gelcare’s Jelly Pink ($20) on hands and Gelcare’s Watermelon ($20) on toes is a super summery and warm sheer and opaque option,” Hanna says.

(Psst: You can also apply this same rule of thumb to contrasting colors. Have fun with it!)

BUY NOW – $20

BUY NOW – $20


Mixed Contrast Mani/Pedi

Speaking of contrasting colors, we’re here to remind you that your fingers and toes don’t have to match to a tee. In a sense, opposites attract. “Choosing a bold color for the toes paired with a neutral shade for the hands creates a sophisticated and understated look that still exudes summertime vibes,” Hanna says. “The contrast between the bold and neutral tones adds a subtle yet fun twist to your typical matching mani/pedi, making it suitable for a wide range of occasions.” Check out some of our favorite bold and neutral nail looks, below. 

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Neutral Pink and Bold Red Mani/Pedi

Keep your manicure clean and pristine in a shade of light pink (Hanna suggests The Gel Bottle’s Lady BIAB, $21) and make your pedi pop in a classic red hue (Hanna recommends The Gel Bottle’s August, $19). It’s a high-contrast summer mani/pedi that works just as well for the office as it does nights out on the town. 

BUY NOW – $21

BUY NOW – $19

The Gel Bottle
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Sun-Kissed Blue and Brown Mani/Pedi

Blue and brown might not seem like the most obvious combo, but Alva assures us that the colors work well together. Get the look with the Paintbox Like Cerulean + Like Suede Power Couple ($40) set.

BUY NOW – $40

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Neutral Orange and Bold Tan Mani/Pedi

This mani/pedi combo is like the mullet of the nail world: business up top and party down below. “Opt for a tan neutral shade on your hands and a warm orange on your toes for a summery look that has just enough vibrancy but will still be easy to coordinate an outfit around,” Hanna says. Her go-to polishes for the look are The Gel Bottle’s Tan and Frida shades ($19 each). 

BUY NOW – $19

BUY NOW – $19

The Gel Bottle
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Green and Cream Mani/Pedi

One of our favorite things about summer is just how lush the grass and trees look. Embrace that refreshing, feel-good vibe with a kelly green mani and white pedi. You can get the look with the Paintbox Like Kelly and Like Crème Power Couple set ($40). “We’re very into color theory at Paintbox, and our Power Couple nail polish duos are set for you to get the color combos right every time,” Alva reveals.

BUY NOW – $40


And Remember…

If you want your summer mani/pedi to look its absolute best—it’s about more than just picking the right colors. “A neat polish application is one essential piece of a perfect mani/pedi, but don’t forget to hydrate,” Van Iderstine exclaims. “Dry skin will instantly make your mani/pedi look more unkempt, so keeping your cuticles, heels and even the tops of your feet hydrated is essential to that salon-perfect look.”

To treat your hands and feet to the TLC they deserve, stock up on the Olive & June Hand Care Set ($55) and Foot Care Essentials Set ($80). We also love the Paume Nail Care Bundle ($110).

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