Malin Akerman Shares Her Experiences With CoolSculpting and CoolTone

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Growing up in Canada, Swedish-American actress Malin Akerman immersed herself in different cultures, soaking up bits and pieces that have shaped her ideals today. “My mom was a model, but also a fitness instructor, so I grew up in a world where health and fitness were a big part of our lives. She was a healthy eater and we had a lot of activities in our lives, so I grew up understanding that beauty radiates from both the inside and the out, and you have to take care of all of it in order to be a fully balanced person. We’re all striving for that balance.”

At 42, Akerman says she feels comfortable in her own skin, but she isn’t afraid to experiment with something new to feel even better.

“I grew up in Canada, so I got the bulk of my Swedish culture from my mom, and I spent three months in Sweden every year. Although I think all women have some sort of body issue, the main difference is that in Sweden, we grow up with nudity being natural as opposed to sexualized. It’s not a big deal to see nudity on TV, and it’s presented in a more natural state than it is here. To this day, I’ll see my mom and dad walking through the hall naked from the bathroom to their room—that’s what you do, it’s not a big deal. Whereas a lot of my friends grew up with parents who would kind of screech if their daughter walked in while they were in a bra and underwear. There are also many restrictions around nudity here, especially when it comes to acting—it’s just very different. I wish we, as women in general, could embrace our bodies in all the various shapes we come in, no matter where we live. I wish our bodies were seen as a vessel rather than a sexual object.”

“I am a very physical person and I take my health seriously, but there are parts of our bodies that just don’t want to obey. For me, it’s my belly—it all sits there. Especially after having a child and turning 40. I had been very curious about nonsurgical body treatments for years, but wasn’t sure what would be best for me. A part of me was frustrated that I just couldn’t shed that little belly fat I had, but I knew I didn’t want to give up my quality of life and some of the wonderful things I love, like my cheat days and my chocolate and wine.

But once quarantine hit, there was a lot more binging on things I probably shouldn’t have. My husband and I thought, Whatever, we’re on eternal vacation, so let’s have nachos and cheese at midnight every night, or let’s drink a bottle of wine a day.’ Obviously this got to me after a while and I said, ‘We don’t know how long this is going to last; we can’t do this every night. So, I started to get back into shape and back into a healthy regimen, and I finally realized I had the time and focus to take the next step and try one of the treatments I had been researching. When I was approached to partner with CoolSculpting and CoolTone, I was really excited because I felt like it was an organic partnership—it was something I had already been looking into for a while.”

“I started with one CoolSculpting treatment on my belly. Basically, they freeze the fat away, which is amazing! It felt like a cold suction cup for the first five minutes as it got numb, but then I was able to sit and browse the internet on my phone, read magazines and just hang out for the next 30 minutes. It was a really simple procedure.

A couple weeks later I went in for CoolTone, which helps tone my muscles. They put a belt around my belly and it was a bit of a pulsating feeling, but again, really simple and noninvasive. I sat there for 30 minutes, and the nurse was lovely and we chatted about all things. I had four sessions—two a week for two consecutive weeks. And as soon as I got out of the chair, I was actually on the way to the beach, and I felt toned and strong, and ready for my beach day. I’ve really seen a difference and my belly just doesn’t feel as flabby as it did before— it feels a lot stronger and I’m loving it.

I think I might be recommended to go back for one more CoolSculpting session, and then from there, we just see how the next year goes. Your doctor will help you figure out what’s right for you. Maybe you’ll want to go back and freshen up in a year, or maybe you had a lot of vacation time and that wine and chocolate has really caught up with you. It comes down to a personal thing and how you’re feeling.”


“I always feel like confidence is what we want to lead with, and if there’s something that will make you feel more confident, then I say go for it. These are very noninvasive procedures; it’s like the cherry on top when you’ve worked really hard and done your best, and you get someone to help you to the finish line. I think that goes across the board. It’s your life, and you should feel good about your choices and yourself.”

“I’ve got a few coming up. The Sleepover came out in August on Netflix—it’s a great family film and fun for both kids and adults alike. I’m in a show on AMC called Soulmates, a new anthology series I’m really excited about from the creators of Black Mirror. I’ve got a movie called Friendsgiving coming out in a couple weeks, which I produced as well, and another one coming out in November called Chick Fight—I produced and starred in that, too. It’s a busy slate this fall!”

“In my career, I’d like to work with the Coen brothers. That is my end all, be all. If I get to work with the Coen brothers, I can quit and I’m done. In my personal life, I want to visit every country in Africa—Africa has my heart and soul. I don’t know if you’ve ever had that feeling when you step foot in a new country and you just think, ‘Wow,’ and something hits you and you don’t know exactly why. That’s Africa for me. And hopefully one day I’ll retire there.”

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