2 Popular Wellness Products Could Be Causing Cavities

Photo Credits: shanecotee/ Getty Images | Image Used for Illustrative Purposes Only

Certain wellness cures are proving to be not so healthy for the mouth. In the Boulder, CO office of cosmetic dentist Lori Kemmet, DDS, there’s been a surge in dreaded cavities among patients. The culprit, in Dr. Kemmet’s opinion: the city’s rise in kombucha bars.

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“There is a lot of kombucha consumed here and it can be very sugary,” she says, adding that not all “wellness items” that are good for the body are always so good for the teeth. “With any product, we have to consider that the tiniest ingredient can sometimes wreak havoc. I recommend always looking at the ingredient list and avoiding sodium lauryl sulfate, artificial sweeteners—like erythritol—and fluoride.”

Atlanta cosmetic dentist Ronald Goldstein, DDS agrees. “CBD gummies sound great, but your teeth do not like them! They are so ‘sticky’ that they can sometimes pull a filling out. And if they contain sugar, watch out for possible decay. Virtually anything that you suck on that contains sugar can lead to potential decay.”