This Eyeliner String Hack Is the Only Trick You Need to Know for Perfect Eye Makeup

2016 can unofficially be named the year of the beauty hack. From using bra inserts to apply foundation to relying on wasabi for plumper lips (yikes!), we’ve seen—and tried—it all. And now, as the year comes to a close, we’re coining this winged-eyeliner string trick as one of the most solid (it also gets bonus point for being oh-so-satisfying to watch).

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Uploaded by Sri Lankan beauty blogger Rochelle Wick, the tutorial, which basically first deposits liquid eyeliner on a string, then holds the string against the eyelid to create a perfect cat-eye, has been viewed more than 866,000 times on Instagram.

As Wick says, the ingenious move makes it easier for beginners to apply eyeliner for a winged effect, because it gives you a lot more control.