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Lasers are IT

Cost: 150-750 in Minnesota area

Dawn Peterson said

I've had a few different laser procedures. Three years ago I had two microlaser peels, the second one with profractional around my mouth and between my brows.Did wonders for skin smoothing and plumping. About a year later I did fractional resurfacing, and that was the procedure I felt gave me the least measurable results. This last year, I've done two IPL photofacials, and I've pretty much gotten rid of all the hyperpigmentation on my forehead around my hairline, and leftover spots from superficial acne scarring. Also in the last few months I've done a series of alpha beta chemical peels, which I think are wonderful for oiliness, dullness and acne. All in all - I think all the things I've done have been great. I don't have time to spare for significant downtime, which I believe is the way to EXTREME change from just one procedure. So many people seem to want miracles-RIGHT NOW-with no downtime, no pain and minimal expense.To that I say - good luck, and keep dreaming. After the time and money I've spent so far, I'm pretty satisfied. I just turned 50 and I look great, if I do say so myself. I have maintenance now, and I plan to alternate chemical peels with IPL every six months or so. I also follow a regimen at home. I got up on the sunscreen bandwagon very early, like the end of the eighties, and plan to NEVER get off it, as I can plainly see the difference between protecting your skin from the sun, and not.

resurfacing laser left me extremely red

Anonymous Reader said

I had a fractional resurfacing laser treatment done and was very red for just over a week.  Now I have more redness than before I started? I am very concerned and at this point, wouldnt recommend the procedure to anyone.

Laser treatments on your neck can be dangerous

Anonymous Reader said

 I decided to go through with laser on my neck.  I strongly recommend you speak your doctor about the risks before going through with it because its rumored to affect thyroids.

Probably wouldnt do it again

Meli F. said

I had the laser treatment and expected a lot more rthan i got. I needed minimum 6 days of downtime.  i have less acne scars but they didnt go away completely. You must be prepared to have the down time because you dont realize how you really cant leave the house... I guess overall i probably wouldnt do it again.

Stick to traditional fraxel

Cameron F. said

I had this special laser treatment done where the CO2 beam was broken up into multiple microscopic beams which was said to create new collagen....never again! it left track marks all over face, regular fraxel is much better, its not as aggresive,so it cant cause as many problems.

fraxelated laser showed no improvement

Melissa C. said

i got a laser treatment for pitted acne scarring. My face was red for a few days but within a week I was able to go back to work. I didnt see any real improvement for months. It is now 1 year later and nothing has changed. it was a waste of money.

Fraxel CO2 is fantastic.

Ellen G. said

Fraxel CO2 is fantastic. The results are a smoother complexion and the downtime was about a week. Some people might experience some pain during procedure like I did..But it's so worth it.

I Love It!!!

Lori B. said

i used fractional laser administered on different parts of my body with decent results. about 5 days of down time but it was like 5 years off my age (especially my face!) I have done abut 3 treatments so far and i love it!

Nothing else out there like this

Christina C. said

downtime is 7 days, can't leave the house during the downtime, after the treatment it swells, stings and even sometimes scabs.   other than that though its a great treatment, boosted my self esteem- nothing else out there like this.

its useless!

Mindy H. said

its useless . i've spent 700$ for absolutely nothing and my skin is looking worse than it did before

Don't Bother!

Callie D. said

I spent $1300 on IPL light treatments to correct acne scars. it didnt work and i wasted all that money... Don't bother!

Surprised at the lack of discomfort

Bethany F. said

just the fraxel laser procedure today and was pleasantly surprised at the lack of discomfort. fraxel laser seems much less painful than other lasers ihave tried. I am red but i know this was worth it. My crows feet will hopefully vanish!

You'd be better off doing deep fillers

Gretta P. said

I had done laser procedures for acne scarswhich made the scarring look better but my face remained swollen. once the swelling went down you could see the scars again. Think before you subject yourself to all the risk. You'd be better off doing deep fillers. Less risk and can be reversed.

I'd give anything to have my "old" skin back

Michy F. said

I am 42 years old with pretty good skin (no break outs but some sun damage.)Just had the Fraxel treatment done because a friends had it done and her skin looked terrific afterwards. It is day 5 after the treatment and my skin looks disgusting. I have tons of scabbing and some areas blistered up. 'm scared that this might have been too intense of a treatment for my sensitive skin. I am hoping to see improvement in another couple of days but right now i just want my old skin back.

best at removing unwanted dark spots.

Anonymous Reader said

I loved the laser treatment! my skin is clear and healthy and my hyperpigmentation scars disappeared! truly one of the best treatments for removing unwanted dark spots.

Laser treatments for scars worked wonders

Anonymous Reader said

I had pretty bad acne scars and decided to get Fractional Resurfacing Laser treatments. It made the biggest difference not  in eliminating the scars and on the  smoothness of my facial skin. I've been using this for months, and I had pretty bad acne thats pretty much disapeared now..

Procedure over products

Mona B. said

expensive skin tightening products arent effective when trying to tighten the neck and jowls. I'm speaking from my experience  I would recommend consulting with a professional before wasting money on store bought products. get the real thing with a doctor and save yourself the time and money!

too expensive

Anonymous Reader said

laser skin resurfacing is rediculously expensive and doesnt work like they say it will. Take it from someone who has tried everything to fix my skin, I dont recommend it. 

uncomfortable with hyperpigmentation

Anonymous Reader said

I was so uncomfortable with the spots that kept appearing on my face from hyperpigmentation. it seems over the years it has been getting much worse. After just one laser skin treatment i saw a huge difference in my face. It feels great not having to use so much makeup to hide my imperfections. My skin hasnt looked this great in years.

Great results with lasers

Devra W. said

 I have had Fraxel with great results. i take very good care when it comes to at-home maintenance and of course avoid the sun as much as possible.

fine lines, crepiness and bags

Anonymous Reader said

I rencently had an appointment where i underwent a laser procedure to correct my fine lines in my eye region. I also had minor acne scarring on my cheeks so wanted to fix that too. It has only been a couple days but i already see a great deal of improvement in my skin. I think i am going to be very happy with my results. 

Saw huge difference after one treatment

Kate S. said

I recieved fraxel laser treatment and loved it. Hurt a bit but it was a quick procedure.  I only had one treatment and saw a huge difference in how clear and vibrant my skin looked.


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