The Healthy Treat That's Blowing Up on Instagram

The latest foodie craze to hit social media isn't a new vegetable with super powers, but rather a creative way to serve up a traditional treat. Enter #SmoothieStacks, which are smoothies layered with different colors that signify different ingredients, like blue for blueberry, orange for mango and red for strawberry, etc. The color combinations are gorgeous to look at (the ombré ones are my favorite) and the flavor combinations are delicious. Check out some of the top smoothie stacks taking over Instagram as we speak.

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Some people are also adding whole fruit to them, similar to what you'd get in a smoothie bowl. Not sure we'll be seeing this in your local Jamba Juice anytime soon (they take time to make!), so unless you're feeling up to the challenge to create you're own, just enjoy the eye candy.