This Drink Can Help With Teeth Sensitivity

Photo Credits: Getty Images

For those who suffer from teeth sensitivity, a new study suggests green tea extract can actually take away the sharp pain you feel when something hot or cold touches your teeth.

Sensitivity happens when teeth enamel gets thinner and exposes the dentin. The dentin contains tiny tubes, which when not protected by the enamel, allows heat and cold to travel through and reach the nerves and cells inside the tooth.

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Researchers in China discovered that a mineral called nanohydroxyapatite can actually fill these tubes. Due to over brushing, cavity-causing bacteria and tooth erosion though this seal can wear out. However, they found that encasing the nanohydroxyapatite in a green tea polyphenol in silica nanoparticles helps fight against the wear and tear of the seal. 

They also noted that, in previous studies, green tea polyphenol has been shown to fight bacteria that can cause cavities. It can restrict both the formation and growth of the bacteria, which means green tea polyphenol could also ward off tooth decay.

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Although this is all promising research, there are still doubts. In order to really prove it fact, more studies need to be conducted. The ADA told Yahoo Beauty, “While the study is interesting, it is preliminary and additional research would need to be conducted in order to determine if it would work clinically.”

So it is a start, but not quite a solution.