Beau Garrett Break Downs Her Biologique Recherche Obsession and We’re Here for It

Beau Garrett Break Downs Her Biologique Recherche Obsession and We’re Here for It featured image
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Besides the can’t-stop-streaming gravity-like pull of Netflix’s Firefly Lane is the “how did they get the beauty-fashion-style combo just right?” question that pops up, quite literally, before the opening scene ends. The drama series spans over several decades and Beau Garrett, who plays the free-spirited Cloud (the not-always reliable mom to Katherine Heigl’s Tully), has the very unique task of stepping into the same character from the ‘70s to the early-2000s, all in 10 episodes. Garrett recently chatted with us from where she’s filming in Canada to talk her Biologique Recherche obsession, all things Firefly Lane—she’s hoping for a second season as much as the rest of us—and exactly how they the “aging process” worked for glam and styling team. 

How did Cloud “get older” behind the scenes?
Well, most of the era she appears in [the ‘70s] was very natural, which was really fun for me. I was very committed to the idea that Cloud was kind of eccentric—not a woman to be fussed with and not a woman who was really into makeup. I’m glad that they allowed her to be that for that era, because I think that’s exactly how she would have been. Obviously, there was the one time that she got dressed up for her daughter’s birthday, but for the most part, makeup wasn’t her thing. She was quite anti-establishment and not really interested in being something beautiful for a male to look at. 

But getting her whole “aging up” thing took a lot of trial and error to get right. It’s very hard to do that with makeup alone, and we didn’t have a huge timeline, so I thought they did a great job with it all. It’s challenging to work with prosthetics, because you’re limited to what you can do with it on—we really worked with my face, and I would do all the expressions possible while we were doing the makeup, so we knew that it would actually work when it was time to film. 

It has to be strange to see yourself 30 years in the future.
Yes, it’s interesting coming out on one side as an older woman and coming out the other side as who I am now…I try not to deal with an ego, but it’s a funny. You’re pretty much like, “Oh man, I have that to look forward to.”

Besides the makeup and prosthetics, the clothing is a huge part of the show. Was it fun to go through all the fashion trends of the eras?
Definitely. The clothing was really important, and it’s the real-deal stuff. I love how, in vintage pieces, your size is your size. I really appreciated the authenticity of the clothes, and also, it wasn’t like we had this character who had no money grasping and wearing expensive clothes. A lot of times in television, that kind of stuff happens. It was all very realistic. I love that it was true to the character and that she was wearing the hand-me-downs that she found. That put a lid on everything.


You’ve talked a bit about your love of skin care; what are you into right now?
There’s a couple of things I love. I swear by Biologique Recherche. Their stuff is phenomenal; I use it religiously. I swear by their toners. I swear by their face masks. I definitely have my regular Sunday face-mask routine. My boyfriend knows that, on Sundays, I’m doing a face mask and he cannot stop me. Because I’m in Canada now filming, there are some local brands I use. Honestly, for my skin, I’ve found that the best things I can do for it is some exercise and to stay as healthy the best I possibly can—mainly just keep the bodily fluids going and not get stagnant.

You were discovered at a fairly young age for modeling. Is there any advice you’d give your younger self?
I was really lucky to have a good head on my shoulders and even luckier to have full guidance. I always had the “other” things I loved in my life to go back to, like riding horses. That’s what I did for my hobby when I was younger, and I continue to love it so much. It was clear to me from the beginning that modeling couldn’t—and shouldn’t—be everything in my life. There came a point where I was working more than when I had started, and I couldn’t maintain my schooling. I had to graduate, and I had to get my GED, but I just couldn’t do it all. Having other things in your life that matter is key, mainly because the business is very challenging and it’s also very temporary. Even now, with acting, I’m very lucky to be working. You have to really have a sense of self that is strong. It’s so important to have something you love and to make sure you always nurture it so it’s still there.

What are you excited about this year? Hopefully, we can look forward to seeing you in a second season.
Oh man, I miss so many things! I haven’t been home to Los Angeles in what feels like three years. I’m excited to go back home, see my friends, put my hands in the earth of my garden, see the sunshine and be warm. I’m excited to travel and see Europe again. I’m excited to work again. I’m hoping that Firefly gets the second season, and we can come back and start navigating those characters again. There’s so much I’ve missed, but it’s simple things: I can’t wait to see my house again, the sun setting there, and the sound of the owl that’s outside at night. I miss those things, but it’s nice to know there’s a lot of things out there to be excited about.

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