New Plastic Surgery Report Says the ‘Ballet Body’ Is Taking Over

New Plastic Surgery Report Says the ‘Ballet Body’ Is Taking Over featured image
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You may have noticed that the people around you are shrinking. Whether it’s their waistlines or their busts, a lot of people are emerging with a smaller, slimmer physique. It’s not all in your head. According to the 2023 American Society of Plastic Surgeons report, the pendulum has shifted toward a leaner look. Much of this trend is influenced by a growing societal emphasis on a more natural look and the rising popularity of weight-loss medications. And as if we didn’t already have impossible beauty standards to live up to, this new trend is being dubbed the “Ballet body.”

Featured Experts

  • Dr. Anna Steve is a board-certified plastic surgeon based in New York
  • Dr. Kelly Killeen is a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Beverly Hills, CA
  • Dr. Jerry Chidester is a board-certified plastic surgeon based in South Jordan, UT 
  • Dr. Steven Williams is the President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, based in Oakland, CA

Surge in Demand for “Natural” Results

New York plastic surgeon Anna Steve, MD explains, “The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has new data that suggests women are increasingly seeking something called the ‘Ballet body.’ This is a strive for patients to achieve more natural, subtle-looking results.” This shift is evident in the recent 2023 ASPS report, where breast augmentations saw a modest 2 percent increase, while breast lift procedures surged by 7 percent. These shifts shows a preference for procedures that enhance the body rather than dramatically alter it.

“We’re seeing a significant shift in patient preferences. Patients are moving away from asking for exaggerated features and are focusing more these days on a natural result,” Beverly Hills, CA plastic surgeon Kelly Killeen, MD says. “They want enhancements that blend seamlessly with their natural appearance, which is a positive trend in plastic surgery.”

The GLP-1 Factor

The rising use of injectable weight-loss medications has also played a role in the “Ballet body” trend. “Breast lifts were also up 7 percent in 2023,” explains Dr. Steve. “This increase is also likely influenced by the uptick in the number of women taking injectable weight-loss medications and having fairly dramatic changes in weight, but also to the breast over a short period of time.”

“We’re also seeing more and more women choosing fat transfer to the breast,” says Dr. Steve. “This again is a tool that strives to achieve a more natural-looking result in keeping with the ‘Ballet body.’”

Svelte Stomachs

Because of the increasing trend of GLP-1s, people losing weight want to be more fit and active, says South Jordan, UT plastic surgeon Jerry Chidester, MD. “They are looking for ways to get rid of that stubborn fat on their midsection and on their back. We saw 7 percent increase year-over-year with liposuction cases coming in number one for three years in a row and tummy tucks in the top five again for the third year in a row. People are doing everything they can but they still have that stubborn skin and fat and so these surgeries have really helped people to regain a more natural, but fit, look.”

More Minimally Invasive Procedures

According to the report, the “Ballet body” trend is also marked by an increase in minimally invasive treatments to address concerns. ASPS President Dr. Steven Williams notes, “We’re still seeing steady growth, but we’re not seeing that kind of larger explosion that we saw from that previous time. Aesthetic procedures are up about 5 percent and minimally invasive procedures are up about 7 percent. This represents a commitment to plastic surgery growth and people investing in themselves.”

Reshaping Beauty Standards

It’s interesting to see how aesthetic shifts can change from year to year. As the data from 2023 shows, we’re moving away from the BBL aesthetic, and the “Ballet body” couldn’t be further from it. However, the influence of GLP-1s is evident. As medical advancements take us to new heights, they’re also reshaping our perceptions of beauty and the choices we make. “Beauty trends continue to evolve with time, as expected. Part of the Ballet Body trend is at least partially due to the fact that GLP-1 drugs have proven very effective in helping people to shed pounds,” adds Dr. Williams. “This may be a reflection of the patient’s desire to be leaner that are now possible because of the advancements in medicine.”

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