How to Contour Your Face Shape

All contouring techniques are not created equal. Any makeup artist will tell you that your face shape will make a big difference in determining what type of shading and highlighting you need. To find out the best ways to contour the most difficult shapes (square, round, and heart) we brought in co-founder and makeup artist for W3LL PEOPLE, Shirley Pinkson.

  • Rhonda
    Posted on

    I am confused are you applying the right match foundation all over first?Then going in with the highlighter/contour?? I would love to try this brand but I haven't had good luck ordering foundations online.Wish these companies would invest in samples for us to buy or try.I am not playing that game going back and forth with the mail trying to get a correct shade and half of these brands aren't in Ulta or Sephora.

  • Mai
    Posted on

    Is this the base make-up or do we use our own foundation first then do the contouring? Would appreciate your reply. Thanks...

  • tamig
    Posted on

    I would like to buy the makeup used in the videos what is the color and where do I buy it?

  • Anna
    Posted on

    I like this video. What happened with the second girl's eyebrows??