Look Younger With These 4 Eye Creams and Gels

Eye creams and gels are arguably some of the best tools we have to fight the signs of aging. After all, undereye circles, bags and crows feet can make us look tired and old. To help choose which products are right for you and when to use them, editor Anna Jimenez shows us four different eye creams and gels--all of which will perk up your eyes, smooth wrinkles and make you look more awake. Watch the video to find out what they are.

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  • jofran148
    Posted on

    Re: Anna Jiminez - Hooded Eye makeup. THANK YOU, ANNA! I totally identify with you and this problem. Through the years I have slowly perfected my technique, and it's pretty close to yours! You were very good at explaining the hooded eye problem - don't think people with "regular" eyes can understand. I had plastic surgery to correct this about 25 years ago, and it turned out great, but as the years have passed, I'm almost back to where I started. After the surgery I was able to apply my eye makeup sans hooded eye problem. Fabulous! I have studied the technique that gives me the look I want and it works pretty well. The texture of the skin on the lid is, as you say, not taut and doesn't look so great when the shadow goes on. I am considering plastic surgery in this area again, as well as the neck and jaw line; I am 68 and if I do have the surgery, it will be the LAST time. I also need some type of skin tightening done (laser, etc.). I want to thank you so much for posting your technique to help those of us with this problem. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!

  • Vicki
    Posted on

    OTC products that are found in Walmart, etc are not designed to penetrate into the dermis to stimulate cellular production.

  • shirley in maine
    Posted on

    Why dont these demos show products that we actually have easy access to? Like ones at walgreens, walmart, sephora...