Ingredient Spotlight: Keratin for Healthy Hair

When it comes to buzz-worthy hair care ingredients, keratin tops the list. But most women don't know what it actually is or why they might even need it. That's why in this NewBeauty ingredient spotlight, we look at what makes keratin powerful and how to use it to get stronger, smoother hair. Check it out.

  • krystal
    Posted on

    It's a 10 hair care line truly works. My hair has seen major changes due to pregnancy and even in it's worst state the product mentioned here make my hair feel like sating and gave it additional weight. The weighted difference without the flat appearance does indicate truth in the statement of changing the core structure in hair. I used this exact product but in the smaller bottle and a little goes a long way. It also works for coarse or all natural hair types.

  • Maryanne
    Posted on

    Harmon carries that entire line, though I have never tried it.

  • Amy
    Posted on

    The model in this videos hair is gorgeous! is this a salon only product - I thought I saw it a Rite Aid.