The Art of Jawline Sculpting: 3 Cutting-Edge Treatments Recommended by Facial Experts

The Art of Jawline Sculpting: 3 Cutting-Edge Treatments Recommended by Facial Experts featured image
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Jawlines have become a cultural fascination, recently seeping into the everyday thoughts of even middle school boys through trends like “mewing.” Yet, the quest for a defined jawline is far from a modern obsession. Throughout history, a strong, well-defined jawline has been a hallmark of beauty, dating back to ancient times. During the Renaissance, artists like Raphael and Botticelli immortalized women with softly curved, feminine jawlines, reminiscent of the Mona Lisa’s subtle double chin. Fast-forward to the early 20th century, and the ideal shifted towards a more angular and pronounced jawline, influenced the Hepburns and Dietrichs of Hollywood. Rumor even has it that Marilyn Monroe sought perfection with a discreet chin implant.

Today, advancements in aesthetics offer a myriad of nonsurgical methods to refine and define jawlines without the need for implants or invasive procedures. Here, we delve into three cutting-edge techniques recommended by leading facial experts.

Featured Experts

  • Dr. Yael Halaas is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon based in New York
  • Dr. Jackie Yee is a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Miami
  • Rochelle Dela Paz, APRN, NP is an aesthetic nurse at Skincare by Amy Peterson in Miami

A Lower-Face Workout

New York facial plastic surgeon Yael Halaas, MD champions EMFACE Submentum, an advanced treatment harnessing radio-frequency and electromagnetic stimulation. This noninvasive procedure targets fat cells while enhancing collagen and elastin, promising a tighter, more youthful neckline.

“The clinical study of this treatment showed significant Double Chin Volume Reduction (36%) and Fat Volume Reduction (30%),” she explains. “And true apoptosis, or cell death of the fat cells, was noted on histology studies proving that fat cells were really eliminated.” Additionally, she explains the treatment can improve collagen and elastin in the neck skin, contributing to a tighter and more youthful appearance.

“It is completely comfortable, without needles and no downtime and shows significant results,” Dr. Halaas notes. Typically, four 20-minute sessions performed five to 10 days apart are recommended. Results continue to develop, and you can expect to see final results within three months.

“Patients who are looking for meaningful, long-lasting change to a full, poorly defined jawline and neck will benefit from this procedure. All patients will appreciate the lack of pain, needles and downtime.”

Shaping with Toxin + Filler

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Jackie Yee uses a neurotoxin like DAXXIFY, with specifically tailored injections for enhancing the jawline. “Unlike its application in other facial areas, jawline injections require fewer units of neurotoxin administered with utmost precision. This precise approach not only slims the face and reduces chin dimpling but also alleviates TMJ pain and minimizes jowl descent,” explains Dr. Yee.

Dr. Yee highlights potential risks such as muscle asymmetry and weakening, underscoring the importance of expert consultation. She notes, “Neurotoxin in the lower face may require periodic maintenance due to its shorter duration compared to other treatment areas.”

Combining neurotoxin with fillers enhances results by creating defined contours and strategic shadowing. “Fillers can be strategically injected deep along the bone to emulate natural bone structure and achieve sharper definition. Alternatively, superficial injections can smooth out contours and conceal undesired features like jowls,” Dr. Yee elaborates. This comprehensive approach contributes to sculpting a refined jawline.

A “Lifting” Laser

New to us, Endolift is a 1470 laser treatment that goes underneath the skin, bypassing the surface, says Rochelle Dela Paz is an aesthetic nurse practitioner at Skincare by Amy Peterson. This minimally invasive procedure utilizes a fine laser fiber to precisely target the subcutaneous layer, where it not only diminishes localized fat but also stimulates collagen production. Dela Paz says this treatment not only slims but also helps tighten skin over time like a “skin shrink-wrap.”

This 70-year-old patient underwent an Endolift procedure at Skincare by Amy Peterson.

“You’ll lose a small amount of fat in that area,” she says. “You can also take it up a little bit more superficially closer to the skin and emit the energy which is also a different setting than the actual fat. It takes about three to four months to see the final results.”

It is customizable based on skin thickness and patient needs. “The thicker the skin, the higher the setting, the thinner the skin, the lower setting, ensuring we can deliver the best results for a wide range of individuals,” says Dela Paz.

The Future of Facial Contouring

As jawline aesthetics gain popularity, these expert-endorsed treatments provide personalized solutions minus the surgical commitment. Delving into each option’s nuances is key to choosing the perfect treatment for achieving your jawline goals.

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