9 Makeup Products People Over 50 Should Be Wary Of

9 Makeup Products People Over 50 Should Be Wary Of featured image
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Oftentimes as we mature, our wellness rituals and skin-care routines grow with us—and the same should be done with makeup. While it’s easy to cling to makeup that was once a staple, what accentuated your features perfectly at 30 may be doing more harm than good at 50. Experts shared with us the most common offenders of makeup products that people over 50 should be wary of.

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Under-eye concealer

“Women over 50 should never use concealer,” warns mature skin makeup expert Amanda Hill. She explains that the skin around the eyes is delicate and becomes thinner as we age.

Additionally, the eye area sits on top of a sphincter muscle “because of the way this type of muscle constricts in combination with our aging skin concealer is too heavy and will inevitably crease showing texture and enhancing our wrinkles.” For more youthful under eyes, Hill suggests replacing concealer with demi color.

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Glossy eyeshadows

Celebrity makeup artist Sandy Linter advises avoiding glossy eyeshadows, like those that come in a pot. She says, “it looks cool for three minutes. Then it starts to move around, and in 20 minutes, you can look tired and messy.”

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Pressed powder and foundation

Mature makeup artist Karen Lien says when pressed powders and foundations are applied heavily, they “emphasize texture by settling into fine lines and wrinkles,” which is not ideal. She suggests swapping pressed formulas for cream foundation “as it sits on top of your skin and looks and moves like a second skin giving your mature face dimension, glow and a smoother finish.”

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Brown lip liner

Linter loves brown lip liner, “remember I’m from the 1970s,” she says. However, she notes that when she was using it, she was in her 20s. She claims, “brown lip liner is not your friend” once you’re over 50. Linter cites that she recently saw a celebrity over the age of 50 use a brown lip liner to raise the top lip, and it was too obvious.

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Black eyeliner

“Black eyeliner applied all the way around both the top and lower lashes can look harsh and even make our eyes look smaller,” warns Lien. Instead, she suggests using a matte powder eye shadow in brown or grey applied with an eyeliner brush that’s been dampened with a bit of setting spray. Use this to line your lashes from the outside in about three-fourths of the way, she advises.

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Glossy face products

Linter shares that she just threw away a product that had the good intention of making skin look glossy but ultimately just made it sticky. “My hair just stuck to it. It made my pores look larger,” says Linter. She notes that “when you are younger, something like this applied lightly might work,” but after applying it at her age, she claims she looked “sweaty and not fresh.”

To create a glow, you want a product that blends into the skin rather than sitting on top and is not frosted, explains Linter. She suggests Beautyblender Glass Glow Shinelighter ($25.)

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Thick lashes

Hill says thick, volumized lashes are a big no for anyone over 50. “It weighs down the eyes and can appear more hollow, deepening the eye socket,” she explains. “Opt for less volume and bring the longest length to the center of the eye to open the lid up and draw the eye in for bigger, more youthful eyes.”

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 Blush with sparkle or iridescence

“Many, many blush products have too much sparkle or iridescence,” warns Linter. While they intend to highlight the cheeks, it can result in too much of a round look with no definition, she explains. “Use these products carefully only on the highest point of your cheek. I love a ‘disco ball’ but not on my face.”

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Heavy lip gloss

Linter warns against over glossing your lips. “You think you are making them look younger, bigger, but, in fact, this doesn’t work,” says Linter. “Glosses applied too heavily can smear on your teeth and through the border of your lip.” She suggests doing some experiments at home to find what works for you.

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