Kyle Richards and Alexia Umansky Can’t Get Enough of This Rich Moisturizer

Kyle Richards and Alexia Umansky Can’t Get Enough of This Rich Moisturizer featured image
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I don’t know about you, but when it comes to celebrities who I trust product recommendations from, Kyle Richards comes to the front of my mind. Whether she’s on TikTok or Amazon Live, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is never one to shy away from sharing what she’s doing in the world of beauty. As the saying goes, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” and the sentiment rings true when it comes to Buying Beverly Hills star and daughter to Richards, Alexia Umansky, who has also quickly become one of our favorite beauty influences.

For a mother-daughter duo as well versed in the world of beauty as Kyle and Alexia, showing support for a brand through a partnership is not something to take lightly. That’s why, when I heard that the pair were teaming up with renowned skin-care brand Peter Thomas Roth to highlight the brand’s hero product—their Water Drench Cloud Cream ($54)—I was eager to know more about their experience with the hydrating superstar. Ahead, here’s what Richards and Umansky have to say about the latest and greatest in beauty, from hydrating creams to summer scents and passed-down knowledge.


You’re both well-versed in beauty. What is it about Peter Thomas Roth and this product specifically that stood out to you and drew you to a collaboration?

Kyle: “I personally have been a Peter Thomas Roth fan for many, many years, using all their products across the board—my daughters have grown up seeing it lining my counter for forever. I’ve also been using the eye patches on the show because I could not live without them, especially having to wake up for early morning trips, but I was excited about this particular line because it’s all so hydrating, especially the the Water Drench Rich Cream ($58). For me, my number-one goal right now is getting the most rich, hydrating cream possible. When I started using it, it really felt like my lines were going away instantly—my skin felt so plump. If I put the product on before bed, when I wake up in the morning I can see a huge difference.”


Alexia: “I’ve got to say, I wish I was one of those people that loved my night routine as much as so many people do—I know everyone really looks forward to it. But I honestly, truly did not until I started using this cream, and it’s because of the texture. For me, what makes me use a product is the feeling of putting it on my face, and with this product I’m addicted to feeling. I am obsessed with it—it’s incomparable to anything else. It feels like a mini massage every single night and morning.”

Is skin hydration something that either of you have struggled with in the past?

Alexia: “I struggled trying to figure my skin out for so long. I had acne for a majority of my life, and because I had acne I thought that the trick was to dehydrate my skin. I didn’t know that it was actually the opposite—I didn’t know I needed to be hydrating my skin to get rid of my acne. When I finally figured that out and turned myself on to Peter Thomas Roth, my life completely changed. Now, I feel the most beautiful and I’m not wearing any makeup because I feel like I’m finally free—I finally made it and I have it all figured out.”

Kyle: “For me, I’m someone who has dry skin, not oily skin, so I’m always looking for something that’s extra hydrating. Also, as I get older, the fact that I’ve found a product that [makes] my skin looks good and allows me to go without makeup makes me feel confident. Often, when I’m not filming, I won’t wear anything on my face. If I wear anything, I will hydrate and wear tinted sunblock. I feel like it makes me look younger.”

Kyle, what’s one piece of wisdom—beauty related or otherwise—that you hope Alexia has learned from you?

Kyle: “Taking care of yourself and being healthy is the number-one thing that affects me across the board—it affects my mental health and my physical health as well as how I look. So, that means working out, it means drinking a lot of water, it means eating right and thinking about what I put my body—buying organic foods and not eating junk—and that just affects how I feel mentally and physically and how I look. I try to lead by example and sometimes I’m more pushy about it and other times I just put the message out there. As a mom, we don’t want to shove things down our kids throats, but taking care of your body is something I’ve tried to always teach my girls since they were babies.”

What is one beauty hack or product recommendation you’ve each learned from each other?

Kyle: “Alexia is the one who taught me about the Hydra Rich Cream. She’s the one who actually taught me about that, but I’m usually the one showing her the products.

Alexia: “That’s like the only one product recommendation I have over her [laughs].”

Kyle: “My mom had gorgeous skin, and Paris, my niece, got my mom’s skin, but my mom was always telling us you have to moisturize and never sleep with your makeup on. That was such a big part of my growing up—hearing that and seeing that—so I pass that on to my girls.”

Are there any wellness or self-care practices you share or do separately to help stay grounded amidst all of the chaos?

Kyle: “Something that our families always like to do is we love to take trips together. My husband and I are obviously separated right now, but we always did our trips together with our kids and that’s something that’s really important to us. We spent a lot of time together as a family. We always have. We just did an all-girls trip, my daughters and me, to Mexico. Alexia is really cute about coming up with ideas. She’ll be like, ‘Tonight, everyone’s going to bring their Kindle and we’re going to sit around the fire down by the beach and we’re all going to read for a certain amount of time.’ So we make a point to have those moments together, whether it’s playing a game or doing a puzzle or reading—it’s usually something kind of corny and nerdy like that we like to do. We always make sure we have a lot of bonding family time together.”

Rapid fire: What is your song of the summer and scent of the summer?

Alexia:Tom Ford Rose Prick ($250) would be one of my scents for sure, and REPLICA’s By The Fireplace ($85)—one warm, Aspen scent and one rosy vibe. For song of the summer, I’d have to say ‘Dive’ by Olivia Dean. I just heard her and that song for the first time at Coachella—didn’t know who she was, didn’t know anything—and it was completely life-changing. I’ll be blasting that all summer long.”

Kyle: “I’m a signature scent person—I stick with one thing for a long time— and right now it’s Baccarat Rouge ($325) and it has been for a long time. I just get a lot of compliments on it, I love it so much. I don’t have a song of the summer, per say, but I’m going to go with Morgan’s Obsessed album. All the songs that have been trickling out before the big drop, so I’d say Morgan Wade’s new album.”

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