How to Fix Your Two Front Teeth

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We remind you all the time that your smile is one of the first traits that people notice about you, there’s even a study to back that up. But even more specifically, people are looking at your two front teeth. If they’re not up to par, it’s likely to be one of these four reasons:

1. The color of your teeth.
Tooth color can be corrected with whitening procedures either in the office or at home. However, sometimes color can’t be corrected with whitening, especially when the overall translucency of the teeth appears grey or blue. When that’s the case, “Dental veneers are ideal,” says Sarasota, FL, cosmetic dentist Jenifer Back, DMD. “We assist the patient in assessing their ideal color, shade, brightness and level of opaqueness. 

While the color of your teeth overall can be problematic, sometimes just one tooth can be a different color than the rest. That typically happens when the tooth experiences some sort of trauma that causes it to bleed inside. Again, if this is the case, veneers or even crowns might be the way to go.

2. The size of your teeth.
The biggest complaints about the two front teeth when it comes to size is that they’re either too big or too small. “We alter size through dental veneering,” says Dr. Back. “Teeth that are too small can be corrected with minimal or ‘no prep’ veneers, meaning very little or no removal of your natural tooth structure. The veneer fills out the contour that the tooth should have taken.”

When the tooth is too large, re-contouring the teeth, or having enameloplasty, is an option, but only when there is enough existing enamel of the teeth. “However, some people don’t have enough,” says Huntersville, NC, cosmetic dentist Ross W. Nash, DDS. “If that’s the case, we do composite bonding or porcelain veneers, if it’s clinically appropriate to do so.”

3. The position of your teeth. 
Whether they’re off center or if there’s a gap between them that you don’t like, the position of your two front teeth can make a big difference. “If teeth have good color but are out of position, we generally recommend braces or orthodontic appliances first,” says Dr. Back.

However, if teeth are uncorrectable in color or you simply don’t want to go through braces as an adult, veneers are another option. “Braces can take a year or year and a half,” says Dr. Nash. “But your can correct them in a single appointment with bonding and in two appointments with porcelain veneers.”

4. Your teeth are chipped.
Sometimes wear and tear can leave your teeth with chips on the edges. “These can be repaired with a conservative technique called composite bonding in a single appointment,” says Dr. Nash.

But before they’re fixed, the reason for the chipping needs to be evaluated. This is because the restorative material can also be chipped. “As long as we have the reason for the chipping solved, whether it’s using a night guard or fixing the bite, composite bonding can be used,” says Dr. Nash. Significant chipping can also be repaired with porcelain veneers or with crowns.

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