Hailey Bieber Says This Is One of Her ‘Favorite Skin-Care Ingredients in the World’

Hailey Bieber Says This Is One of Her ‘Favorite Skin-Care Ingredients in the World’ featured image
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Despite the paparazzi following her every move, Hailey Bieber manages to keep her mind grounded—though she says it isn’t easy. In a Zoom event this week hosted by bareMinerals—Hailey became an ambassador for the brand last year—the supermodel opened up about what her life has been like in quarantine, her period of self-reflection, and her tips for combatting maskne. Here’s Hailey’s take.

On natural immune boosters…
“Something I’ve been doing that helps me is getting sprayable colloidal silver—I think it’s a very underrated ingredient. One thing that really drives me crazy about the CDC—no offense CDC, love you, in case you’re listening—is that I think it’s very weird that nobody really talks about organic vitamins and things to help keep your immune system healthy. They’re just like, ‘We don’t have a medicine yet,’ and it’s like alright, there are a lot of other things that can keep people healthy. Not to say anything is a cure by any means, but I’ve grown up in a home where my mom treated most things holistically. We were not big on taking medication; I’m still not big on taking medication. I thing there are things that can help keep us healthier and keep our immune systems up, like vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin B12—lots of things—but colloidal silver is a really really great antibacterial and immune booster and you can find it in sprayable form. Also, a couple weeks ago I fell really hard and skinned my entire elbow—it looks insane—and I was using colloidal silver healing gel on it and it really helped.”

On maskne…
“To be fair, I’m really never wearing face makeup under my mask because just like anybody else, no matter how good my skin is, I’m still getting a little bit of maskne. I get them up on the sides of my nose from where you pinch the mask in. And I get these weird little bumps that don’t go away. Colloidal silver is also really good on the skin. I spray it on my face or in my mask too.”

On niacinamide…
“This serum [bareMinerals SkinLongevity Long Life Herb Serum] has one of my favorite ingredients in the world in it, and it’s niacinamide. Niacinamide, to me, is a very underrated, gorgeous ingredient that is in my opinion, a must-have in at least one of your daily/nightly products. Over quarantine, I was helping my husband [Justin Bieber] continue to get his skin in order because sometimes guys need a little more help with that, and niacinamide was something I had him using a lot of. It totally helped fade acne scars—he’s glowing at this point! He looks really good. Niacinamide is an incredible, powerhouse ingredient and it helps repair the skin barrier. We’re dealing with a lot of environmental factors; we’re in California where there were a lot of fires—there’s still a lot of fires.”

On the mascara she wears every single day…
“We’re in this new world of masks, and I’d say the eyes and brows have it. I’ve been loving the new bareMinerals Strength & Length products. This is the mascara [Strength & Length Serum-Infused Mascara] I use every single day—I love love love this brush. I’ve been using it all quarantine too, and my lashes have, without a doubt, gotten a lot longer too. I never had really long lashes naturally. What’s cool, too, is the serum that’s in the mascara is peptide- and plant-based, which I love because I’m all about plant-based, vegan, and all those things. I’ve seen a huge difference in my lashes. It’s actually really annoying because my husband has the nicest lashes I’ve ever seen—they’re so thick and so long—and all of his siblings have the same eyelashes! It’s unfair, but this mascara is helping me get there.”

On quarantine life…
“Definitely in the very beginning it felt very bleak; I think there was a lot of fear being spread around. Trying to deal with the pandemic in this day and age is really interesting because we have so much access to so much information and the way that information gets spread can be very anxiety-ensuing for people. That’s what happened to me in the beginning. Nobody knew if something was a fact or not and it was a whole brain overload of information that can cause a lot of anxiety. I’m the kind of person who loves to move around, I love my job, I love to travel for my job, I love to be around people, so it was definitely a big adjustment for me. I’m lucky that I didn’t have to do it alone. I’m with someone and I’m in a relationship and I think that definitely helped. It was actually a lot of really good time for the two of us to spend together and we actually had a lot of fun. We’ve been married for two years now, but I feel like there was always a lot going on and we never got the time to just sit and relax. That was actually one thing that was really positive that came out of quarantine.

I was also able to dive into a lot of things I really care about that I don’t think I had a lot of time to do before because work was always busy and there was a lot of moving around. One thing I dove into was skin care, which is something I’ve always been really passionate about. I’ve always taken really good care of my skin. It is a super-duper passion of mine and I was able to dive into more learning about the way our skin works and different skin types and protecting our skin barrier, and I was having conversations with different people. That was really fun for me and I came out of it with new tips and tricks and hacks, and my skin was better than ever. I think that being able to find something to dive into and learn about if it’s a subject you love and you’re passionate about, I think you’ll find that you can come out of a quarantine or a lockdown with more information than you went into it with.”

On the positive effects…
“Although there was obviously a lot of really terrible things that have been happening and there’s been a lot of injustice and tragedy and a lot of people have died—there’s been so much sadness—I also think on the flipside of all the dark times, there’s been a lot of new awareness brought to the world. I’m so proud of this next generation and how they’ve stepped up and stepped forward. I think this next generation coming up is so smart and I have so much hope for the future because of Gen Z and their awareness.”

On self-reflection and self-care…
“I think this has been a really good time of self-reflection for me personally—just about what doesn’t really matter, in terms of priorities and living in reality and living in the moment. I’ve dealt with a lot of negativity online and in the media in general, and I feel like that happened more so than ever when I got married because obviously I married someone who has been dealing with this since they were a child. And that’s just never really gone away for him, and it opened me up to a new world of really intense criticism that I maybe wasn’t prepared for—I personally don’t think anyone is ever really prepared for it. Bullying is bullying is bullying. I don’t think it’s fair for anybody to be bullied or bully someone. The internet gives people this gigantic platform to feel like they have a say in somebody’s life because they’re a public figure.

In quarantine I learned what doesn’t feel right for me mentally and what are more measures I can take to protect myself mentally because at a certain point, it can start to throw you through lots of loops and pull you deeper and deeper into this very weird place that doesn’t feel like reality because it’s actually not. I have my comments off except for people I follow, and I had to do that for myself because sometimes you just have to put up a boundary. It took me a while to realize that was something I needed to do for myself. I also recently deactivated my Twitter and it was actually something I had wanted to do for a long time. It got to a point one day where the thought of opening the Twitter app actually made my stomach drop because there’s so much negativity, and in my opinion, especially more on that app. I got to a point where I thought, why would I even have this platform if the idea of opening it gives me that bad of anxiety. It was something I had to do for myself and I felt like it was very freeing for me.”

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