The Crazy Trick That Will Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

By now, you’ve probably heard the tip that certain lipstick shades can instantly make your teeth look whiter. But, according to celebrity makeup artist Eugenia Weston of Senna Cosmetics, before you go the “berry boosts your smile” route, you first need to determine the exact shade of your teeth (most likely, they are either yellow-ivory or more blue-gray). So, next time your smile needs to look sensational, grab a piece of paper and your makeup bag for this super easy makeover trick:

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“First, hold a piece of white paper next to your mouth and compare your teeth to the paper,” Weston says. “If your teeth appear more yellow, warmer lipstick shades in the peach and nude families will make your teeth appear brighter. If your teeth appear in the blue-gray range, wear the cooler shades of pink and berry.”

To go one extra step, top off with a shimmering pink gloss and face bronzer. “This always make teeth pop and appear whiter,” Weston adds.