Could A Lip Gloss Save Your Life?

It's a sad reality of the modern-day social scene: if a woman takes her eyes off her drink for just a moment, it gives her date or a stranger the opportunity to spike that drink with a tasteless, odorless drug that could leave her more vulnerable to assault. The most effective prevention is attentiveness, but a new cosmetics company is now offering women an unexpected weapon: lip gloss.

2 Love My Lips is much more than just a minty, plumping gloss-it's also a drug-testing kit. Each of the five flattering shades comes equipped with a simple strip treated to detect gamma hydroxy butyrate (GHB) and ketamine, which are notorious date-rape drugs.

If a woman is concerned that someone may have tampered with her drink, she can dip her finger or straw in the liquid-it works with most alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages-and place a drop onto the strip. If GHB or ketamine is present-it cannot currently detect Rohypnol (Roofies)-it will turn dark blue within a few seconds.

"Through personal experience and those of my close friends, I identified a need for such a product," explains British brand founder Tracy Whittaker, "so [I] set about researching drink-spiking drugs and what type of testing kit I could put in a lip gloss pack alongside developing the perfect lip gloss for a glitzy night out."

Although the glamour of lip gloss doesn't naturally correlate with the graveness of sexual assault, Whittaker's unconventional concept could turn out to be an unexpected impetus for the decline of drug-related rapes.

2 Love My Lips was just launched in the UK, and is expected to become available in the US and Australia in the near future. Find out more at

  • Anonymous in California
    Posted on

    This is a fabulous idea! I'd also like to know how many strips or uses per strip the gloss came with. What if the gloss contained the testing catalyst and you could just smear a little on a napkin. That way you'd never run out of strips. Also, if your lips turned dark blue, someone near you, I would hope, would say something or notice.

  • Dennis
    Posted on

    Great job and idea! Essential Labs

  • Paige
    Posted on

    This idea is hopefully the beginning of many things that will be developed for single women in vulnerable positions to help take care of themselves and feel less helpless in certain situations. Women want options. When a single women walks out of her home and into society she puts herself at risk. Women and women's companies need to be proactive like the lip gloss test at the bar. Men are certainly not going to jump up to the plate as fast. We all have to remember; we were once single if we are not now and it could be our daughter, divorced mother, anyone could be harmed. Thank you.

  • Posted on

    This seems like a great idea! The article didn't state how many uses per strip/ or tube of gloss were provided. Any info on that?

  • MPE
    Posted on

    Amazing, overdue idea. I truly hope this finds its way onto American college campuses as soon as possible. (And I hope they're working on technology that allows it detect roofies!)

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