Hilary Duff's Amazon Secret to Perfect Beach Waves

Photo Credits: Astrid Stawiarz / Stringer/ Getty Images

Hilary Duff has sported stunning, laid-back waves since her Lizzie McGuire days. While we’ve always admired it from afar, we’ve never known exactly how the star achieves this undone perfection. That is, until now.

The actress recently shared that Unite Second Day Finishing Cream ($25) is the key product.

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"You know when you wash your hair on the first day and it’s too slippery?" Duff told Real Simple. "I like using Unite Second Day Finishing Cream, this little paste-like product that gives my hair just enough grit so it’s not too soft."

The best news is the cream is available on Amazon for just $25. Just work a little bit of this paste through dry strands and you can get celebrity-level waves.