A Leading Doctor Recommends This Supplement as a Top-Performer for Hair Growth

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Whether you’ve always had thin hair or you’ve only recently noticed some extra shedding, it can be exhausting to search for hair loss solutions that actually work. And while there’s plenty of supplements on the market claiming to boost your roots from the inside out, they frequently don’t boast the results that they promise. So, we decided to put one ultra-popular supplement to the test and get the opinion of New York plastic surgeon David Rapaport, MD, about the best-selling hair growth supplement Nutrafol ($88). With Dr. Rapaport's help, you'll now know exactly what to expect before deciding to buy. 

“Nutrafol is a great option for women who are looking for healthier hair as well as those looking for preventive solutions,” says Dr. Rapaport. “By combining stress adaptogens with anti-inflammatory ingredients, Nutrafol is able to help rebalance the body to achieve optimal hair growth.”

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Additionally, one of the biggest benefits of Nutrafol is that it covers more than just one type of hair loss. The key to nourishing hair is to first discover the underlying causes of hair loss, and while many hair loss supplements provide only the nourishment (vitamins, minerals and collagen) side of things for your hair, Nutrafol goes one step further. 

“Without first fixing the root causes, the follicle may not be able to effectively absorb this nourishment [that other supplements provide],” says Dr. Rapaport. “Nutrafol has 21 ingredients, and the most active components are the botanical nutraceuticals that have clinical efficacy against inflammation, stress hormones, oxidative damage and hormonal imbalances like DHT.” Translation? Not only does Nutrafol provide general nourishment to the hair, but it also provides ingredients that target the follicle and prevent stress- or hormonal- induced thinning in the first place. 

According to Dr. Rapaport, Nutrafol's ingredients address the underlying issues that could cause thinning and only then provide the full spectrum of nourishment through vitamins, minerals and collagen. So, whether you’re looking to keep hair healthy or promote hair growth after extra shedding, Nutrafol can help. 

  • Stephen
    Posted on

    Does this nutrient help men with hair loss ?

  • Eliizabeth Okenfuss
    Posted on

    How can I find the ingredients? I am very careful what is in the supplements I take.

  • Darlene
    Posted on

    Would men benefit from this supplement? Or does it only work on women.

  • Sara T.
    Posted on

    I have tried a lot of stuff for hair loss and spent a lot of money . . . I had found this earlier. Nutrafol is the bomb.

  • Maricel flores
    Posted on

    What I do. my hair is loss.what is a nice shampoo.plsss

  • Shelby Bradley
    Posted on

    My dermatologist suggested Nutrafol for my stress related hair loss and it’s been amazing! People keep commenting on how good my hair looks!

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