Social Media Is Already Going Crazy Over Rodan + Field's New Retinol and Dermaroller

Super popular beauty brand Rodan + Fields recently held its annual conference, and in addition to a whole lot of reps and devoted fans celebrating the fact that it is the "number-one skin care brand in the U.S.," the company also announced three new product launches, slated for this winter.

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The big one (the embargo on the info was just lifted today!) is the scientist-backed Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex ($70), a lightweight under-eye gel-cream hybrid treatment that counts ingredients like hyaluronic acid, caffeine and glycerin in its lineup. It works over time and really helps with hydration, but it also has the ability to immediately brighten, decrease puffiness and make everything look all-around better. 

Also in the mix is the AMP MD System, which includes a new take on the brand's dermaroller, the AMP MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller ($220, but sold as part of the system), as well as a REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum ($99), an anti-aging avenger that contains a form of retinal—not a typo, this one is a revised version of standard retinol that claims to be 20 times more potent than standard retinol with less irritation. (Read: less redness and more tolerance for even the most sensitive skin types.) The product powerhouse promises to help correct visible signs of aging, firm skin and minimize wrinkles, while having the side advantage of sinking into skin pretty quickly. 

  • Virginia
    Posted on

    I am 56 years old and have pretty good skin except for my dark circles under my eyes. I have tried a lot in the past 3-4 years. I decided to give dermalmd blemish serum a try due to reviews and the price was good. I have been using it now for approximately 4-5 weeks and I really see a difference as the darkness is going away.

  • Erica Best
    Posted on

    I was a skeptic for 4 years, then this past June I became a customer. I was so thirlled with my results (no more visits to the drs office for painful "beautifcation" treatments or procedures) that I decided I wanted to share this company and how it has transformed my skin with others. R+F honestly offers life-changing skin care. I would love to share what R+F has done for me with you too!

  • Gayle
    Posted on

    These products have taken my skin to a new level, LOVE THEM! Marcia,try them before you have an opinion.

  • Jennifer
    Posted on

    Prescription retinoids, retinal and retinol are all derivatives of Vitamin A. The difference is their strength & effect on skin. The prescription (e.g. Retin-A) is the strongest yet has side effects (irritation, redness, peeling skin). Retinal is one level below prescription strength. Retinol is less potent and most commonly found in OTC products because it is not as irritating to skin. However, if a vitamin A derivative is not listed as one of the first five ingredients and not packaged in an opaque, air-tight container, it's not going to do a lot. The retinal in the Intensive Renewing Serum is formulated in such a way that it does not irritate skin yet is much stronger than the retinol which has been in many products for years. In addition, it comes in individual capsules (vegetable based capsules) so it is completely air-tight for the highest potency without a prescription.

  • Ayelet May
    Posted on

    Yes! I love helping people get the BEST skin of their life with Rodan + Fields!

  • Stephanie Navas
    Posted on

    Hands down, these products stand by their word! I’m have had nothing but amazing results.

  • Marcia
    Posted on

    These products are not innovative at all and ‘retinal’ is retinaldehyde which has been on the market since the mid 90s. Great ingredient but far from new

  • Jayme Knight
    Posted on

    These products never cease to amaze me!! I’ve been a consultant for 2 1/2 years and they only get better!!!

  • Marla
    Posted on

    I am such a huge fan of these products, this company, and this business!

  • Trudy Hedgecough
    Posted on

    These products have transformed my skin. Let me know if you need help with lie-changing skincare.

  • Lindsay
    Posted on

    I use these products and absolutely love them! If needed i can help you get your hands on them too!!

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