According to Reddit, These are the Best Fragrances

According to Reddit, These are the Best Fragrances featured image
Byredo / Maison Margiela
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These days when you want a quick answer to a query, slapping “Reddit” on the end of your search is liable to give you a fast and easy solution. No more sifting through sponsored results and bot-produced galleries, Reddit has become the new Yahoo Answers. Here a community of users engage on everything from, “What is this sound my car is making?” to “The best movie for heartbreak.” And scent is no different. The best fragrances Reddit recommends are a showing of best-in-class perfumes, colorful colognes and stand-out scents that you won’t be able to get enough of.

This is the best of the best in scent, chosen by the a community of fragrance-obsessed users.

Introducing r/Fragrance

With 1.2 million users, r/Fragrance is the community by and for perfume enthusiasts. Everyone from long-time collectors to first time buyers are a part of this town square of fragrance-lovers of all genders.

“R/France is an inclusive, adult community for discussing finished retail perfumes and other scented personal and home-care products,” explains the page description. A page Wiki explains the basics on how to find, wear and fall in love with a scent, including how much to spray and where for the best long-lasting impact. Daily recommendations debate the finer points of popular perfumes while other posts explore the gender binary of scents, suggest fragrances for specific moods, and determine which top-selling fragrances are worth the hype.

Recommendations for Summer

While the big names are always going to have a spot in our fragrance wardrobe, Reddit is a great place to get some top under-the-radar scents. A recent thread where users share their go-to summer scent reveals a penchant for the bright and solar-inspired.

1 / 3

Maison Margiela Replica Under the Lemon Trees ($160)

With the most upvotes, Under the Lemon Trees is a vocal favorite of the community.

This citrus sweetheart is a cult classic that’s perfect for your summer signature scent. Kalamansi lime, green tea, citrus, and soft musk round out the experience for a light, upbeat mood that works on men and women.



reddit fragrance recommendation
2 / 3

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc ($195)

With 44 votes agreeing, Soleil Blanc is another summer standout that one user called “magic.” This addictive solar, floral amber and coco-de-mer-infused perfume has those unmistakably beachy vibes.

“As a sunscreen lover I’m fully aware that it has a sunscreen note but it is way more complex,” says one Reddit commenter who chose this Tom Ford classic as their summer go-to. Her husband cheekily describes it as *ahem* love on the beach, and to her, “it’s sooooo [sic] beyond sunscreen.”



Reddit fragrance recommendation
3 / 3

Byredo Bal d’Afrique Eau de Parfum ($225)

Described by one user as a “lovely, cozy and clean scent,” this fragrance is actually one of Byredo’s first. Inspired by Ben Gorham’s father and his many trips to Africa, this ‘love letter’ to the continent is all about being swept away.

African marigold, Moroccan cedarwood and violet make up this scent that’s all about euphoria and rich cultural expression.



Reddit Favorite Byredo Fragrance

All-Time Favorite Fragrance

The best of the best is going to be a little different for everyone. We chose these stand outs for their stellar captivating descriptions. They’re enough to give a reddit fragrance recommendation a try.

4 / 6

Hermés Un Jardin Sur La Lagune ($116)

“Picture this: A young 20 something girl who has always disliked perfumes because they smell ‘chemically’ visits Paris,” writes a user on an all-time favorite fragrance thread. “While waiting for the subway, sitting on a bench, a french woman sat next to me and I caught a whiff of the most incredible thing I’ve ever smelled. Immediately asked her what she was wearing, and her response was Hermes Un Jardin Sur La Lagune. This perfume was the beginning of my fragrance obsession, and my all time favorite. Smells like powdery flowers under a hot sun, sweet and musky and inviting.”



reddit recommended fragrance
5 / 6

Nishane Hundred Silent Ways ($250)

“If ever there was a fragrance that was ‘Home’ to me, this is it,” writes another user. “It’s both comforting and serene to me, while never losing its ability to captivate me.”

This Istanbul-based fragrance house created Hundred Silent Ways in tribute to the history of perfumery. With top notes of tubrose and mandarin to heart notes of jasmine and base notes of vanilla and sandalwood, this scent is a cult classic for a reason.

BUY NOW – $250

Reddit recommended fragrance
6 / 6

Prada Infusion D’Iris Eau de Parfum ($180)

“Prada’s incredibly bold choice in subtlety considering how gourmand-y the market has leaned for quite some time; a more-starchy-than-powdery Iris is the star; if simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance, Infusion d’Iris is elegant indeed,” explains another commenter.



reddit fragrance recommendation

Worth the Hype

We all know that fragrance is not always the most affordable of beauty buys, which is why it’s important that we know what is really worth investing in. Getting a full bottle without having sampled a fragrance, or “buying blind” as the community calls it, isn’t exactly recommended. But based on the reviews these are some of the can’t-go-wrong best fragrances Reddit has to offer.

7 / 9

Prada Amber Pour Homme ($120)

One Reddit commenter describes the fragrance as “luxury soap. I love the powdery texture of iris.” The scent itself is Prada’s very first men’s fragrance, puts amber forward with a distinctive barber’s soap for a clean and refreshing feeling. “It’s perfect for when you can’t decide what to wear everyday,” explains the Reddit user.

BUY NOW – $120

best fragrances reddit
8 / 9

Frédéric Malle Portrait of a Lady Parfum Spray ($295)

“Difficult to describe. I would imagine a vampire wearing it. So mysterious, sexy, and intoxicating,” explains one user on a worth-the-hype thread.

On a thread dedicated to the scent, the top comment explains, “My fall and winter aesthetic is usually a Morticia Adams meets Joan Jett vibe and this fits it perfectly. It makes me feel untouchable.”

BUY NOW – $ 295

best fragrances reddit
9 / 9

Creed Green Irish Tweed ($345)

When you’re asking if a fragrance is worth the hype, we really want to know if a pricey price tag is actually worth the money. Creed’s iconic fragrance has been at the top of mind for this discussion for a long time, and according to Reddit, there’s a reason.

“This is bordering on being overpriced, but I can’t deny one of the most iconic gentleman’s fragrances to ever grace our noses,” one Reddit user explains. “There’s a reason this is favoured by Hugh Jackman, George Clooney, Clint Eastwood and (formerly) Cary Grant. If it’s good enough for A-List Celebrities who can afford everything under the sun, then it’s good enough for me.”

BUY NOW – $345

At the end of the day, r/Fragrance is a rich community of scent enthusiasts who are willing and ready to jump into the deep end of all things fragrance. Find your perfect perfume, an ideal cologne, or your next wishlist favorite among the hundreds of recommendations, with the one-on-one nature of Reddit at the helm. And let’s get smelling!

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