Airbrush Eyebrows: The Answer to Semi-Permanent, Natural-Looking Brows?

Airbrush Eyebrows: The Answer to Semi-Permanent, Natural-Looking Brows? featured image
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Do you want expertly drawn, clean brows, fast? Then you need TikTok‘s latest obsession: airbrush eyebrows. The simple technique creates a soft ombre effect that leaves brows looking full, sharp and trendy, and we’re loving it. Dive in and discover what latest brow technique that will have you booking your next brow appointment.


✨ AIRBRUSH BROWS ✨ We can be beginners all over again in this industry, right? Trends come and go, but l’ve been seeing this one all over my Instagram and I decided to try! I got the machine and just couldn’t contain myself from trying it asap! 😅 Anyways, think this is something that could actually be a thing! Again, not for everyone because not every client likes bolder and defined brows with hybrid tint, but for those that do like it, application was so easy and smooth that for us brow artists, this might make sense! Truly, the results didn’t change much in my opinion from using a brush or airbrush machine, but application was definitely different. I have to try this again (in a better way lol), and will keep you guys posted! 💕 Would you try this? #brows #eyebrows #browsorlando #browlaminationorlando #eyebrowsorlando #browlamination #hybridtint #browtinting #airbrushbrows #airbrushmakeup #esthetician #browartist #browwaxing #browmapping

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Featured Experts

  • Erika La’Pearl is a celebrity makeup artist known for her work with Cardi B
  • Donna Shelly is a brow stylist and aesthetician based in Taylor, MI
  • Rachel Anise is a journalist and beauty industry expert

What Are Airbrush Eyebrows?

This quick and easy style of brow maintenance relies on an airbrush machine to deliver the smooth deposit of color needed. And unlike a lot of beauty hacks, this one is actually new to a lot of makeup artists.

“I haven’t tried airbrush brows yet!” says celebrity makeup artist Erika La’Pearl. “I see they are using the airbrush machine to apply a tint and stain the brows, and it looks interesting. I definitely must try it out!”

The tint, applied as a stain on the brow hairs and skin, lasts upwards of 10 days, depending on your lifestyle. And unlike a lot of other brow treatments, this option is also painless. Your technician uses a liquid dye and developer that matches your brow color, tapes off the desired brow shape, and gets to work.

According to aesthetician and brow stylist of Dovink Brows, Donna Shelly, the shape of your brows is determined with eyebrow mapping. “We’ll look at the facial anatomy to determine the shape of the brows,”she explains. “After finding the perfect shape with the mapping technique, we’ll draw the brows out (also known as pre-draw) and move on to securing the brow tape that best fits the pre-draw.”

Unlike microshading, which as a form of permanent makeup can cost upwards of $300 depending on where you live, airbrush eyebrows are a much more budget-friendly option. The semi-permanent dye is sprayed in a smooth gradient across the brow, which gives it a fluffy and natural appearance.

“Airbrush eyebrows are eyebrows created via airbrush and a hybrid dye that stains the skin (generally, for up to 10 days) while leaving the brow hairs colored for 6-7 weeks,” beauty industry expert, journalist and communications professor, Rachel Anise explains. “The delivery system can ensure clean lines and precision while offering a soft gradient that looks extremely natural.”


Airbrush Brow Tint over Microshading 🤷🏽‍♀️WHY NOT?! My client wanted that fresh brow look and we were able to deliver quickly using @savvy_creations_ Spray Tint in Espresso Brown #baltimorebrows #pmuartist #browtint #browtiktok #baltimoretiktok #spraytint #airbrushbrowtint #consantanderconecto

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Are Airbrush Eyebrows for You?

As a beauty industry expert, Anise doesn’t necessarily think airbrush eyebrows are a beginner or do-it-yourself kind of treatment. She suggests making sure you have the basics of brow care down before branching out into other styles and techniques.

“I visually appreciate the results of airbrush eyebrows but find the system to be less appealing than learning how to successfully master brow care at home,” Anise explains.

What kind of brow care you’ll want has to do with the style you like.

“For me, I keep my brows very full and natural and use a modicum of products to achieve this look,” she explains. “I use a sculpting brow gel (love the one from MAKE Beauty [$25]) to add depth, dimension and hold and brush them upward to create a feathery effect. I also believe in the power of nightly brow serum to encourage growth, fullness and strength.”



While you might not be going out to buy an airbrush gun yourself, a brow technician with the expertise in mapping and application would likely find airbrush eyebrows fairly easy to accomplish. The artistry really comes in achieving that soft gradient that manages to look effortless. And once mapped, the actual airbrush application takes place in just seconds.

Just be sure to keep the rest of your look clean and simple.

“If you’re doing a airbrushed brow look, you shouldn’t exaggerate anything,” notes LaPearl. “I like using i-ENVY Glam Day Press & Go cluster lashes or the Every Day Natural Press & Go lashes along with a simple lip liner and clear glossy lip.”

Price + Longevity

If you’ve ever had an airbrush tattoo, you know that the effect on your skin doesn’t last more than a week or so. But the pigment in your actual brow hairs will stick around for roughly six weeks. That means you’ll see an initial fade as the color leaves your skin, but the brow hairs will remain dyed for a significantly longer period.

While that’s more often than a once-a-year microblading treatment or a once-every-three-years microshading appointment, an airbrush eyebrow treatment is much less expensive. Because of the affordable price tag and fairly long-lasting results, airbrush eyebrows are an easy and versatile option for anyone looking to treat themselves to a brow upgrade.

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