6 Ways to Disguise Aging Eyes

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Turning back the clock may be easier than you think. With so many advancements in the realm of anti-aging, erasing the years—and signs of past damage—can make you look younger and even better than before.


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1. Erase Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Do it with Botox, Dysport and Xeomin

Ever since line-erasing neurotoxins were introduced, doctors have been using them to soften lines around the eyes. “Neurotoxins are the best option for mitigating lines and wrinkles around the eyes caused by excessive movement and motion,” says Dr. Geoffrey E. Leber. In doing so, lines and wrinkles become relaxed because of limited muscle contraction. For slack skin around the eyes with a decent amount of creasing, a fractionated resurfacing laser can be used alongside Botox, Dysport or Xeomin.
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2. Fix Hollow Temples

Do it with Fillers

According to Chapel Hill, NC, facial plastic surgeon J. Charles Finn, MD, the temples are often overlooked areas that age. “Most people don’t recognize the wasting away of the temples in the forehead,” he says. “They get hollow from a loss of fat, especially in those who exercise often.” Fillers are the easiest way to  correct these areas (Sculptra Aesthetic is often used), but fat offers a more permanent result. “Some doctors use solid implants for permanent correction but for now I’m sticking with fillers because I like the results they give,” says Dr. Finn.

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3. Grow Thicker, Longer Lashes

Do it with Lash-enhancing serums

Women love the look of thicker, longer lashes because they draw attention to the eyes and make your face as a whole look younger and fresher. Whether you choose over-the-counter versions or the stronger, prescription-grade Latisse (it contains bimatoprost as opposed to vitamins, peptides and conditioning agents that most OTC lash conditioners have), lash enhancers are said to work by keeping lashes in the growing phase 
for longer than normal so that they don’t fall out as quickly. “There are various lash-growth products on the market. 
I’m a big fan of Latisse because it provides amazing results,” says San Francisco plastic surgeon David Kim, MD.
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4. Fill in Under-Eye Hollows

Do it with Fat and fillers

Under-eye hollows add years to your appearance, making your eyes look deflated and aged. But the reason hollows form is because of volume (fat) loss, which naturally transpires as fat starts to dissipate and shift downward. “Fat or fillers are best for correcting hollowing in the tear troughs under the eyes,” says La Jolla, CA, plastic surgeon Robert Singer, MD. “If I am not going to use fat, I like to use Restylane, although the downside to hyaluronic acid fillers is that results are not permanent and they need to be done judiciously.” Because the skin under your eyes is thin, if the filler is not injected deep enough, it can leave the skin with a bluish tint. Whether fat or filler is used, both methods restore volume by adding “bulk” to the area.
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5.  Refresh Tired-Looking Eyes

Do it with Upper blepharoplasty

Extra skin on the upper lids can equate to a tired look. Tightening creams may help, but they won’t fully address laxity like blepharoplasty. “Upper blepharoplasty involves the meticulous removal of fat and skin to sculpt each eyelid into a more youthful shape,” says Dr. Kim. To 
prevent a hollow look, fillers or fat can be carefully injected between the crease and upper lid.
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6. Redefine the brows

Do it with Neurotoxins or  a browlift

They thin, become gray and lose their arch with time, but eyebrows actually start aging under the skin and a “falling brow” is just one of the telltale signs of an aging face. As the muscles that control the eyebrows start to weaken and the skin loses firmness, eyebrows  can take on more of a heavy appearance. Surgically re-elevating the muscles, so they sit up at a more youthful position, gives a whole new look to your eyebrows. Neurotoxins injected in just the right area can give a temporary lifting effect.

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