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Facelift in my 50s

Jody T. said

I was never a huge fan of plastic surgery. But as time began to take a toll on my face and body, i was only able to control how my body aged. I ate healthy, exercised and moisturized. In my 50s, i decided that i was going to need a facelift if i wanted my face to keep up with my body. My neck was beginning to sag and i look tired all the time even though i was running everyday! I would never regret this procedure despite the cost and uncomfortable nature of the recovery. I had a facelift in conjunction with a necklift for the full lifting look. Many couldnt tell i had surgery but only noticed i looked more awake and much much happier!

Facelift changed my entire look

Franky P. said

My main fear when considering a facelift was that I would no longer look like myself post-surgery. But while the surgery changed my entire look in terms of how old and how refreshed i looked, i was incredibly happy with how naturally the lift resulted. My skin is more taught, my neck less saggy and my eyes more open but its still me! recovery was pretty scary at first (my daughters had trouble looking at me for the first couple days!), i healed pretty quickly and saw my amazing results within 6 or 7 weeks! great experience and well worth the money.(I am a 52 year old, female).

horrifying facelift results

Jeenie F. said

The scars left after my facelift are horrendous. My doctor must have been incredibly careless when administering the incisions and did not guide me post-surgery in any way regarding a painless and quick recovery. Scars behind my ears and on my scalp are raised and very dark. Some of the incisions had even had to be restitched bc they burst open and got infected. I hope nobody ever has to experience such pain and both emotional and mental scarring.

No reason my face shouldn't look as young as my body!

Anonymous Reader said

theres no reason my face should look my age if my body doesnt (i take great care of it!)! I decided to get a facelift which made me look  young again! my advice is Just find a great doctor that you trust and do what you have to do to make yourself feel good inside and out! 

Careful with anesthia

John D. said

Overall, I was satisfied with the results of my facelift. I unfortunately had a terrible surgical experience due to an allergic reaction to the anesthesia. This incident played a huge role in how smoothly the procedure went and made my recovery that much worse. my only advice would be to talk carefully with your doctor before going under so this doesn't happen to you.


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