The Exact Treatments This Dermatologist Used to Get Ready for Her Mother-of-the-Bride Role

The Exact Treatments This Dermatologist Used to Get Ready for Her Mother-of-the-Bride Role featured image
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For her daughter’s summer wedding, Fresno, CA, dermatologist Kathleen Behr, MD wanted to look her absolute best. After helping countless patients prepare for their big day, it was now time for her to put the treatment focus on herself. With the aim of smoothing skin and tightening her waistline, Dr. Behr employed the same devices and solutions she recommends to her patients, down to the skin care she used in the months leading up to the wedding. Here, she shares her now proven approach to getting Mother-of-the-Bride ready with a few key treatments.

My Top Treatments for a Smoother, Tighter and Younger Look

“I started with a laser—the Fraxel 1927— to help even my skin tone, remove brown spots and stimulate collagen. For three to four weeks prior, I prepped my skin with Alastin Skin Nectar, hydroquinone and Retin-A. After the treatment I was red for a few days, then my skin turned brown and shed for about a week.

It was very important to keep my skin moist with Aquaphor during this time and avoid sun exposure. When it healed my skin was even and smooth. I followed that with Ultherapy on my face and neck. It uses visually guided ultrasound energy to heat the deep tissue leading to collagen stimulation and tightening. This helps lift the brows and cheeks, sharpen the jawline, and tighten the neck. There is very little to no downtime and you see the results over the next few months and works great when combined with fillers. I am turning 60 next year and have had this procedure more than five times over the last 15 years. It is subtle but effective.”

Getting a “Lifted” Look and Restoring Lost Volume

“To help ‘lift’ my jowls and tighten my jawline a little more I had Mint threads placed. These threads have tiny barbs attached to them and are inserted with local numbing. They help to lift troubling areas and then stimulate collagen formation as they are naturally absorbed by the body. In combination with the threads, I had filler injected in my temples, along my hair line, and in my cheeks and marionette lines. I also had a tiny bit put in my lips. All injections were placed very strategically to give a natural result that no one would know. I also had my regular Botox in my frown, platysma bands, and jawline which is referred to as a ‘Nefertiti Lift.'”

Pre-Event Body Regimen

“On LeanMD, which is medically supervised and includes supplements, I was able to shed my last 15 pounds of weight loss, which I am now maintaining. We brought this medical weight-loss program into my practice to go along with the body-contouring treatments and procedures we have, like CoolSculpting, Kybella, liposuction and Emsculpt NEO, that destroy fat cells or tone muscles but are not effective for weight loss. Getting to a healthy weight before contouring stubborn areas of fat is key.

The body-contouring treatments I chose to undergo after my weight loss with LeanMD were from Emsculpt NEO. This device is the body-contouring treatment that simultaneously facilitates fat reduction while strengthening muscles at their core. This was the perfect treatment plan to help me achieve my goals in the weeks leading up to the wedding.”

No Downtime and Fast-Acting Results

“One common thread among all the treatments I underwent was how easy they were to incorporate into my busy lifestyle and how little to no downtime is associated with them. The laser treatment only made my skin red for a few days, but I was still able to go about my daily routine. There is very little to no downtime with Ultherapy, and you see the results over the next few months. Fillers and threads also have nominal downtime except for some possible bruising, which we have multiple modalities to reduce. The results are immediate!

Similarly, there is no down time with Botox Cosmetic and results can be appreciated in about a week.

With our medically supported rapid weight loss program, LeanMD, I was able to lose my last 15 pounds over the course of a month or so and have been enjoying the results ever since. Emsculpt NEO is virtually painless both during and after treatment. Typically, you do four treatments five to 10 days apart and see results about three months following your last treatment.”

My Best Advice

“Start now! When you want to look your best from head to toe, talk to your dermatologist about what all your options are so you can create a customized plan that addresses each area you want to improve, one area at a time. Even if your event is weeks away, you have time to address things that may otherwise distract you, and on this very important day for your family, you’ll want to look and feel your most confident.”

Ashley Ludaescher Photography

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