This Supplement Supports Thicker, Fuller Hair in Just a Few Months

This Supplement Supports Thicker, Fuller Hair in Just a Few Months featured image
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For many, suffering from thinning hair is a traumatic experience. Whether it’s sparse patches developing along the hairline or overall thinning and shedding, it is a very common concern that can damage self-esteem and self-confidence. In fact, around 50 percent of women and 80 percent of men will experience hair concerns in their lifetime.

While this is nothing to be ashamed about, many of us prefer to try treatments and procedures to improve hair growth rather than let nature take its course. One of the more popular (and effective!) options is Nutrafol—a well-known leader in hair wellness that provides a natural and holistic approach to hair health in men and women during various stages of their lives.

Unlike other hair-care and hair health products on the market, Nutrafol’s clinically effective supplements target the underlying causes of thinning hair to tackle the issue at the root. Nutrafol’s 100-percent drug-free supplements are made of a proprietary blend of ingredients called the Synergen Complex®—a patented blend of medical-grade botanicals and standardized ingredients—that help fight hair thinning and shedding, while also supporting whole-body health from within. These ingredients are all known to be effective in combating some of the most common causes of hair thinning and shedding, from heightened stress hormones to poor nutrition.  

In multiple clinical studies, Nutrafol has been shown to improve hair growth and reduce shedding in both men and women, and is recommended by over 3,000 health-care providers and hair professionals for trusted, reliable results. In fact, it’s the number-one dermatologist-recommended hair-growth supplement brand in the country.*

Nutrafol formulations are designed for specific demographics, so it’s important to understand each product before trying it out for yourself. Here, we’ll break down exactly which Nutrafol formula does what and who it’s best for. You can also ask your healthcare provider about the right formula for you.

Nutrafol For Women

Nutrafol has three options for women: Nutrafol Women, Nutrafol Postpartum, and Nutrafol Women’s Balance. “The reason there are three options for women is that women have specific times in their lives when they experience more hair thinning,” explains Nutrafol co-founder Sophia Kogan, MD. During the different phases of a woman’s life, especially during childbirth and menopause, they experience various hormonal changes. These transitions often come with a particular change in hair growth and hair thinning.

Because of these natural progressions, Nutrafol created formulas to specifically address changing biological needs of women as they navigate life stages. That being said, the original option—Nutrafol Women —is ideal for all women who are experiencing general hair thinning due to stress issues, environmental issues, and poor nutrition.

Nutrafol Postpartum is the first hair supplement to help women manage excess hair shedding and thinning after childbirth. “During a woman’s pregnancy, they have a steady increase in estrogen and progesterone. After childbirth, these dramatically drop,” says Dr. Kogan. “In addition, the stress hormone, cortisol, escalates by 200 percent.” To address this, this particular formula contains theanine and shatavari to manage stress hormones, Omega-3s to promote hair density, and marine collagen, nettle, and apple to replenish low levels of nutrients.

Nutrafol Women’s Balance is best for peri- and postmenopausal women. “The Women’s Balance formulation is made with additional ingredients that specifically address a woman’s needs during that time,” says Dr. Kogan. “Often, women will experience extra thinning and shedding during that transitional period, caused by hormonal changes. This leads to a drop in estrogen and progesterone while testosterone lingers.” This testosterone can convert to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is a hormone that can damage hair follicles. To combat this, Nutrafol included extra DHT-blocking ingredients, like saw palmetto, in this specific formulation.

Improved quality and thickness of hair isn’t the only benefit women see after taking this supplement, though. Nutrafol Women’s Balance also includes adaptogens and antioxidants that have been known to help lower feelings of stress and anxiety, hot flashes, night sweats, and promote better sleep and skin health—all of which are pretty impressive perks that other hair-focused supplements can’t provide. 

Nutrafol For Men

Because men do not undergo the same kind of major physical changes that women experience throughout their lifetime, there is just one supplement specific for them. “Since men produce more testosterone, they produce more DHT,” explains Dr. Kogan. “So, we formulated the Synergen Complex with a different amount of key ingredients to address  DHT.”

The male formula contains higher levels of saw palmetto to prevent testosterone from converting to DHT and sensoril ashwagandha to support the hair-growth cycle. In a clinical study conducted by the brand, this blend of ingredients created visibly more thickness in 83 percent of participants and more scalp coverage after six months in 72 percent of users.

Additionally, other hair thinning supplements may affect sexual performance among men, but Nutrafol does not. The 100% natural ingredients do not alter testosterone levels. Instead, they inhibit 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT, without diminishing the testosterone itself. Additionally, clinical studies indicate added benefits, such as improved sleep, sex drive, energy, and mood.

The Bottom Line

When taken daily, Nutrafol can create a visible difference in the thickness and quality of your hair. The key to ensure that these supplements work for you is to use them consistently and for a minimum of three to six months before initial signs of improvement. Clinical studies have found that women who do remain consistent with Nutrafol experience positive results, with 86 percent reporting improved hair growth and 75 percent experiencing less shedding. Just remember to consult with your doctor before taking any supplement—especially if you’re still breastfeeding.  

*according to IQVIA Provoice survey for 6 months ending March 31, 2021

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