Experts Share Incredible Smile Makeovers That Will Inspire Your Own

Experts Share Incredible Smile Makeovers That Will Inspire Your Own featured image
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Perception is reality and the messages and signals our smiles communicate can help us make our way in the world. A genuine smile can help us land a job, woo a potential mate or make the best first impression. So many people are living with smiles they either don’t like or don’t represent how they truly feel inside when they don’t have to. Getting a new and improved smile can feel like an overwhelming commitment—where does one even start? Here, our experts share their most inspiring recent cases that show how a healthy, beautiful smile can truly change your life.

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The Compliment Collector

Smile Expert: Houston cosmetic dentist Guy Lewis, DDS
Patient Age: 29
Gender: Female

Concern: “This beautiful young patient came to my office with very low self-esteem and embarrassed to smile.”

Treatment: “I performed a gum lift with veneers, which lengthened her teeth giving her a whiter, fuller beautiful smile.”

Why This Case Inspires Me: “Afterward, the patient said that her makeover completely changed her life. Now, she is always smiling and receives a so many compliments about her bright smile almost every day. This has restored her confidence and made her even more confident. Cases like this prove that you can changes someone’s live in as little as two to three visits. Seeing the physical and emotional transformation our patients make and watching their confidence boost right before your eyes is truly inspiring.”

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A Smile to Fall in Love With

Smile Expert: New York cosmetic dentist Nargiz Schmidt, DDS 
Age: 29
Gender: Female

Concern: “Kate came to the office timid and nervous. Once we started talking, she told me that presently she is a medical school student applying for residency and is concerned about her smile but was not sure if anything could be done to correct her smile. She was also concerned about how extensive and invasive the work would have to be. Upon examination I realized that she has so called “tetracycline-stained teeth.” In the past, when tetracycline was given to children it would darken developing teeth resulting in a much darker enamel. 

Treatment: “As it often happens in the process of treatment, we talked a lot and she told me that even though she is inspired to apply for a surgical residency, her mother insists on radiology. She was also deeply dissatisfied with her private life at that point. Treatment consisted of placing 16 minimally invasive veneers. We finished the case in about two weeks and the patient returned to her country.”

Why This Case Inspires Me: “Six months later I came into my office one morning and saw a young couple in the reception room. I didn’t recognize them and assumed they were new patients. The woman was beautifully dressed and carried herself with poise and confidence. It was Kate and her fiancé. She came to thank and share that improving her smile gave her a huge boost in confidence. She ended up getting into a surgical residency and meeting a wonderful young man. They very quickly got engaged and will be married after they finish their residency. That is why I always say that when we transform a smile, we transform every aspect of a person’s life. It’s the best part of my job.”

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Essential Upgrade for an Essential Worker

Smile Experts: Cranberry Township, PA cosmetic dentists Drs. Brian and Rob Klaich
Age: 34
Gender: Female

Concern: “Our office organized a ‘Smile Giveaway’ to reward one of many essential workers who provided services through the COVID-19 pandemic in Pittsburgh. The response from our community was overwhelming. Upon reading Patricia’s entry, we knew immediately that she was the type of person we were hoping to give back to. What really struck us about her story was her unwavering dedication to help others. Not only did she provide our community with crucial services during the pandemic but she also plans to attend medical school so she can further serve local underprivileged communities. Patricia noted that she lacked confidence in her stained, uneven teeth. It was preventing her from smiling around others and expressing her outgoing personality. Her smile insecurity had become less of a focus during the pandemic when she was wearing a mask at all times, but now she was ready to do something about it and stop hiding her smile behind her mask.”

Treatment: “Our office designed eight porcelain restorations and used laser gum recontouring to enhance her smile. Her two front teeth required full coverage, all-porcelain crowns and the remaining six were treated with porcelain veneers. Previous trauma to Patricia’s front teeth caused them to darken over time. Crowns were appropriate to protect the root-canaled teeth while also addressing their darker color and lack of natural tooth structure. Veneers and gum recontouring allowed us to even the heights and shape of her teeth while closing the spacing around her canines. All in all, these restorations will provide long-lasting, dependable results with excellent aesthetics.”

Why This Case Inspires Us: “Her determination to better her community and care for others genuinely embodied the spirit we wanted to reward. Giving an individual like Patricia a big, beautiful smile that matches her personality is the greatest feeling. This is exactly why we do what we do for a living.”

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A New Lease on Life

Smile Expert: Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Victoria Veytsman, DDS 
Age: 36
Gender: Female

Concern: “This patient had a history of trauma, and a lot of health issues that caused this sort of condition to happen in her mouth. These situations really affected the appearance of her teeth and the health of her smile over the years. So, it wasn’t just about restoring the appearance of the teeth. I also had to address the function and reestablish the integrity of the teeth using a combination approach.”

Treatment: “I assessed every tooth and came up with a treatment plan where we treated every tooth and obviously her smile as a whole. The treatment included a combination of veneers, crowns and bridges where needed, as needed.”

Why This Case Inspires Me: “The reason this case is inspiring to me is because you can see a completely restored smile compared to the condition it was in before. This was also a really huge emotional journey for this patient. She was able to return to her normal life, which as you can imagine, for a 36-year-old female it would be hard to just do life when your smile looks that way. So, this was a combination of improving both health and beauty.”

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The Ultimate Anti-Ager

Smile Expert: Boulder, CO, cosmetic dentist Priya Uppal, DDS
Age: 65
Gender: Male

Concern: “Dave came in disliking his smile. His teeth were worn, discolored and out of alignment. He wanted to improve his smile but was afraid he would end up with a ‘fake’ looking smile.”

Treatment: “We performed a smile makeover which included placing eight upper and eight lower veneers. Our veneers are very, very natural looking. They are tailored to each person’s smile and their specific facial aesthetics, which I find to be very unique because a lot of practices might do veneers, but patients end up not being very happy with them because that might not be the specialty of that practice, but it is for us.”

Why This Case Inspires Me: “I think this really shows how a smile makeover can improve someone’s entire aesthetic and bring balance to the whole face. Not only did we improve the health of Dave’s smile, but he also looks so much younger. Because our veneers are custom made for each patient, his result looks very natural and like his own teeth and not at all like he has restorations.”

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The Smile Makeover Revision

Smile Expert: Los Altos, CA cosmetic dentist Joseph Field, DDS
Age: 28
Gender: Female

Concern: “This lovely patient was unhappy with a previous restoration that was done elsewhere. She did not like the way the veneers that were placed appeared as they did not enhance her mouth and had a uniform look to them that made them look less natural. She also was unhappy with the color and wanted a brighter, more natural-looking smile.”

Treatment: “We did a whole digital smile design process with her to chart out what her new smile would look like digitally and to show her what her enhancement results could look like before we ever started treatment. Just seeing the possibilities digitally was awesome for her as she was able to conceptualize what could be done. We replaced her veneers with custom created ones which made a huge difference. She was just thrilled with the result.”

Why This Case Inspires Me: “This case really proves how much of a difference it makes to have your restorations done specifically for you. In terms of color, length, and the way that the porcelain was done, her new veneers are so much better and fit her face better. I have my own lab so we’re able to really fine tune how we treat the porcelain and the results we can achieve. This is a great example of what’s done very commonly in most places that do ‘cosmetic dentistry,’ but it’s not their main focus. There’s no real plan and design in place, they just prep the teeth and send it to a lab. At my practice, we ensure that the work we do fits each individual patient and enhances their smile in the right way the first time.”

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