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Dr. Swati Agarwal

Cosmetic Dentist
500 Sutter Street, Suite 615, San Francisco, CA, 94102
There is nothing sexier than a beautiful, healthy smile.


Providing one-on-one experiences and personally planning services that deliver natural-looking, healthy smiles are all part of Dr. Swati Agarwal’s custom approach to cosmetic dentistry. “I’ve made it my mission to perfect my skills in the area of advanced cosmetic dental procedures,” says Dr. Agarwal. Her dental practice emphasizes comfort, privacy, quality of care and custom-tailored aesthetics. “I believe each patient is unique in their needs, and therefore requires an individualized approach,” adds the dentist. Her focus is on the well-being of her patients, educating them on their dental health and promoting preventive care. It is this combination of comprehensive care and technical skill that keeps her loyal patients coming back for all of their aesthetic dental needs.

About My Practice

What innovative services do you offer?

I perform laser gum contouring, whereby I use a laser to redefine the outline of patients’ teeth, in addition to state-of-the-art dental implant restorations.

What is your goal for each patient you treat?

My goal is to help people keep their own teeth, for life.

Why is it so important for patients to care for their smiles?

A smile is one of the first things people notice about you. A beautiful, healthy mouth leads to improved self- confidence, giving you the courage to start a conversation, smile more and be more outgoing.

About Me

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love sharing in the “Wow I look great!” moment every time a client looks at what we’ve done with their teeth. I am a steward of dental health; I treat my client’s teeth like I treat my own and maintain their beautiful smile.

In what way is less more?

I have always believed that less can be more, and therefore employ a very conservative approach to restoring the smile. In particular, Invisialign is a great way to shift the teeth into proper alignment, without using metal braces, which can be uncom- fortable and interrupting to one's daily lifestyle. In terms of veneers, i offer a 'no-prep' alternative to conventional restorations, so as to avoid filing down the teeth. Above all else, my goal is for patients to look natural, with teeth that look like they belong. With my approach, there's no reason every- body can't have a beautiful smile. We're all deserving and it's within everyone's reach.


University of California, The Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry
Biological Sciences, University of California
Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC: The Frank Lott Memorial Award for Removable Complete Prosthodontics
Spear Education



American Dental Association, California Dental Association, Spear Institute for Advanced Dental Education

A Minute With

  1. My motto

    There is nothing sexier than a beautiful and healthy smile

  2. What do you like most about your profession?

    The ability to change people’s
    lives by improving oral health
    and beautifying their smiles. Oral
    health affects the whole body. By
    ensuring a healthy oral cavity, I
    can improve a patient’s general
    health. Good oral health helps
    improve general health

  3. My most unique personality trait

    I am very detail-oriented

  4. What is one product no one should live without?

    A Waterpik®! It removes the bulk
    of plaque and trapped foods from
    hard-to-reach areas

  5. Celeb photo my patients most often bring in

    Julia Roberts

  6. My dream innovation

    A universal whitening system

  7. The future of my field

    Less-invasive surgical procedures

  8. The biggest misconception about my field

    Veneers are the only way to achieve a beautiful smile

  9. How important is a great smile?

    A great smile can enhance one’s
    confidence and therefore open up
    many doors. When you smile at
    someone, they can’t help but smile
    back. Success is a result of confidence
    and a healthy smile exudes confidence

  10. Why do you employ a less-is-more philosophy?

    Cosmetic and general dentistry,
    if performed in a aggressive fashion,
    is irreversible. I believe that natural
    teeth are much stronger and resilient
    then any restorative product out
    there. My treatment plans are
    conservative yet comprehensively
    structured to give my patients their
    desired aesthetics while preserving
    as much of their own dentition
    as possible. Unfortunately, many
    times I have to correct aggressive
    and unattractive dentistry that were
    not in the patient’s best interest


  • Smile Rejuvenation
  • Custom Smile Makeovers
  • Invisalign® (Provider)
  • Lumineers®
  • Cosmetic / Laser Dentistry
  • Sedation Dentistry
  • Porcelain / No-Prep Veneers
  • Dental-Facial Aesthetics
  • Dental Implant Restorations
  • Full-Mouth Reconstruction
  • Biocompatible Dentistry
  • Teledentistry
  • Cosmetic Gum Recontouring
  • Sedation Dentistry (Conscious IV / Oral Sedation)
  • In-Office Anesthesiologist
  • TMJ Disorder Therapy
  • Snoring / Sleep Apnea Disorder Therapy
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Guided Biofilm Therapy


  1. How does fixing the teeth give you fuller lips?
    What our experts say:

    There are many ways to add fullness to your lips either through veneers, orthodontic treatment which again will enhance and push up the teeth and create a more attractive, fuller smile.

  2. Who is the best candidate for Sensational Smiles?
    What our experts say:

    Honestly, anyone with tetracycline staining, deep hard staining, or anyone with defects in their enamel wouldn’t be candidate for this, but they can use other processes such as veneers or crowns which will help achieve a beautiful healthy smile.

  3. Will whitening the teeth cause tooth sensitivity?
    What our experts say:

    The sensational smile does not have any sensitivity associated it with.  I've used it on my most sensitive patients and have found it to be highly effective.

  4. Do over-the-counter whitening strips work?
    What our experts say:

    I’ve seen them work on some patients, but it takes a long while for them to work so the patients have to keep using them which gets pretty expensive. It does work on patients with bigger or longer teeth. They are inconvenient, but if it works for you, and you don’t mind spending money, it’s an option.  An alternative option is the sensational white system, a 20 minute process that can be done after your cleaning, it costs under $200 and is a wonderful option right before a special event or even when you want to perk up your smile.

  5. How are veneers put on? Do you need to alter my natural teeth?
    What our experts say:

    Altering the teeth is not necessary in all cases. How we prepare the teeth depends on how much room there is, how they fit together and inclination of the teeth. Depending on what lab is used, it usually take a two to three  appointments, so  it can take a week to three weeks, based  on what the patient is having done. Typically, we see about a one week turnaround, with two office visits. But you can pay a rush fee and get them quicker.

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