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Wish your jawline was a little different? You’re not alone. According to recent statistics from The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), chin augmentation procedures saw a 20-percent jump in 2018 alone. But chin augmentation doesn’t always mean surgery—dermatologists and surgeons have been using energy devices, injectables and threads (to name a few) to give chins and jawlines an updated appearance without any surgery. 

Not sure on your ideal end result? Scroll through for the ultimate #chinspo—straight from our favorite celebs.

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Jennifer Lopez

Lopez looks like she hasn’t aged a day in the past few decades. One of her many secrets: a youthful, chiseled chin and jawline—along with high, plump cheeks—which help keeps age-related jowls at bay. Fillers like Voluma immediately restore lost volume to the cheeks (which results in a tired, aged appearance) and lasts for up to two years. Even better: the filler acts as a coat hanger beneath the skin, structurally supporting the corners of the mouth, nasolabial folds and jowls.

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Halle Berry

A pixie cut is tough to pull off, but Berry’s defined jawline and soft yet prominent chin has made her signature look seem easy. If your prominent chin is hindering an overall balanced look, cheek augmentation or fat injections into the cheeks can often help balance out the dominance of a larger chin. 

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Keira Knightley

Countless memes, videos and essays have been produced about Knightley’s remarkable chin. What makes it so news-worthy: its perfectly angled, chiseled appearance that gives her jawline a close-to-perfect angle.

If a Knightley-esque profile is what you’re after, it’s your lucky day: treatments and procedures designed to shrink and shape the jawline have been growing in popularity and include the use of filler, thread lifts and energy-powered tighteners—in some cases, surgery might be a solution.

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Angelina Jolie

Thanks to her strong jawline, Jolie has a near-perfect profile. In terms of volume, the lower third of the face is, unfortunately, most prone to the age-related accumulation of fat. “The lower third of the face and the underside of the chin tend to be a bone of contention for most of my mature clients,” says celebrity makeup artist Nathan Johnson. 

The appearance of jowls, the result of sagging skin, can be alleviated by strategically adding volume with a filler such as Radiesse or your own fat (fat transfer) to help contour the jawline and create a more chiseled, youthful look.

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Christine Hendricks

Known mostly for her killer curves, Hendricks also has fantastic proportion to her face, complete with strong cheekbones and a defined dimpled chin. Cleft chins come in a variety of shapes—including vertical furrows, Y-shaped furrows and round dimples—with some indentations more subtle than others. While dimples are often associated with beauty (we love them!), some women want them corrected.

While it can be done, there are currently no FDA-approved fillers for this procedure. Conversely, some women want cheek dimples, resulting in a procedure known as dimpleplasty. The outpatient procedure, which takes about 30 minutes under a local anesthetic, has grown in popularity for its quick and easy solution to finally getting dimples in the cheeks.

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Sienna Miller

Thanks to genetics and a strong chin and jawline, Miller has a perfectly oval face. If you have a recessed chin, a chin implant is a great option to add length to the face. But which should you get? Colleyville, TX facial plastic surgeon Yardo Ducic, MD says he prefers silicone implants as they are smooth and well tolerated.

“All implants have a very small risk of infection; however, if this unfortunate circumstance occurs, silicone implants are easy to remove and replace, unlike other options.”

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Emmy Rossum

A youthful face that doesn’t look “done” encompasses balanced features that are proportionate to one another. Case in point: Rossum’s nose and chin, both on the same plane. If you do opt for a chin implant, ensure you are on the same page as your surgeon. “The goal of plastic surgery is to improve the face, not manipulate it in search of perfection,” says West Palm Beach, FL facial plastic surgeon Mark Murphy, MD. “Balance and proportion need to be adhered to.”

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Jessica Chastain

While many women are after a more prominent chin, some may want to reduce the size of their chin. However, larger chins are often helpful in creating the perfect balance. Chastain’s wide, square jawline and long nose is actually balanced by her dominant chin, which helps to keep all of her features in proportion.

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Katie Holmes

If you do want to reduce the size of your chin and obtain tinier features like those Holmes sports, a chin reduction may be performed to remove some of the bone. However, “there is a limit of how much bone may be removed with this method, so it is best for a small amount of desired change,” says San Francisco facial plastic surgeon David W. Kim, MD.

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Heidi Montag

The typical plastic-surgery rule of thumb is “less is more.” When too much is done to too many areas of the face—as seen here on Montag—it can result in a masculine-looking face. Her smaller, more delicate chin was likely filled to appear wider (a chin implant may have also been used) and resulted in a disproportionate look.

As always, having a conversation with your surgeon is key to achieving a natural look. “When working with women, it’s important to try to use the smallest chin implant possible to achieve the most feminine results,” says Bakersfield, CA facial plastic surgeon Edmund Fisher, MD.

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