The 5-Minute Fix for Puffy Eyes

I’m not a good eye cream person. It’s one of those skin care steps I’m not diligent about and sometimes it shows. I just don’t have the time or patience to invest in one more step in my nightly and morning routine. I try, believe me, I try. But, sooner or later I throw up my hands and pray to the genetic gods to save me from the lines, dark circles and puffy eyes that show how little sleep I got the night before. 

Unfortunately, those prayers usually go unanswered. So, when Patchology FlashPatch Eye Gels ($50) came into my life, it was a sign that someone, somewhere heard my pleas. These little cooling gel patches are the perfect quick fix if you're in need of immediate results. They contain concentrated anti-stress and anti-fatigue ingredients that instantly soothe, brighten and restore your eyes. The caffeine and hydrolyzed collagen help improve circulation, hydration, tone and density while de-puffing around your eyes.

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Ingredients aside, what I love most about these gel patches is the ease in which I can use them. I’ve used them in bed, at my desk at the office, in my car and while walking around the house getting ready for a big night out. In just five minutes, my under-eye area is smoother, brighter and instantly revived. That’s great news for someone who really needs to fake a good night's sleep.