How to Treat Excessive Sweating

An intense workout, stress or even standing outside on an extremely hot summer day can make the coolest person sweat. However, what if you sweat profusely sitting in an air-conditioned room? Dealing with excessive perspiration can be a huge problem. That’s why we turned to New York dermatologist Lance Brown, MD to find out what’s behind it. 

What exactly is excessive sweating? Dr. Brown explains it as perspiration that isn’t due to anxiety, medical conditions like diabetes, menopause, fever or strenuous activity, but rather it is excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, that occurs in specific areas of the body, like your palms, underarms, soles of your feet and face.

One solution for this icky problem is over-the-counter topical treatments like clinical antiperspirants that can be used on your hands, feet and underarms. There are also medications that your doctor can prescribe to treat it. “Oral prescription medicines are best suited for patients with certain types of excessive sweating such as excessive facial sweating (cranio-facial hyperhidrosis), generalized hyperhidrosis, and those who have not had success using other first-line therapies,” Dr. Brown explains.

So what is the best treatment option? Botox. “Unlike topicals and pills, the injections are done in the dermatologists office in five minutes and last about four to six months,” says Dr. Brown. “It is also covered by most insurance companies.”