Do Vitamins Actually Work?

In research published at the end of last year by the Annals of Medicine, the efficacy  of multivitamins was put on trial. The report described them as “a waste” and “ineffective,” stating that there is no real evidence that proves they provide any sort of benefit or ward off any sicknesses and disease. But since then, many experts have come to their defense, saying they do still recommend them, and, considering it’s a $30 billion business in the U.S., it’s doubtful they will disappear anytime soon.

The Plastic Surgeon
“The need for supplementation is unnecessary, despite the hype,” says Eugene, OR, plastic surgeon Mark Jewell, MD. “Most people are well nourished and, in most cases, a balanced diet contains enough vitamins and nutrients.”

The Nutritionist
“I’ve seen them help clients and myself,” says celebrity nutritionist Christine Avanti. “However, it is very difficult to find a good, high-quality multivitamin that works for each individual’s needs.”

The Dermatologist
“If you have a good diet, I don’t necessarily see how they make a difference, but some supplements are worth taking,” says San Antonio dermatologist Vivian Bucay, MD.

Did You Know?
According to the most recent CDC report, in the U.S., iron, vitamin B6 and vitamin D deficiencies are the most prevalent. But, overall, the report found less than 10 percent of the U.S. population had nutritional deficiencies.

Insider Tip:
Only your doctor can accurately diagnose you as vitamin deficient, usually with a simple blood test. It’s also recommended that you run any multivitamins or supplements you intend to take by your physician or health-care provider first

  • kat 62
    Posted on

    My hair was so thin you could see my scalp I started taking hair and nail vitamins which have changed my life not only is my hair twice as thick but I have finger nails and toe nails that don't break off so either the reports are wrong or my blood work was wrong which is it?

  • Karma
    Posted on

    Vitamins and herbal supplements have changed my life! I have not been sick in over five years and my skin,hair,nails look better at age 55 than when I was 50. Don't listen to and protect yourself from, negative energy people and environments. I go to both a homeopathic MD and an Intuitive Psychologist who provide me the positive guidance that I need. I suggest you give both a try. Remember, you cannot heal if you do not at least try different suggestions and modalities :)!

  • Dr. Baxter
    Posted on

    Vitamin supplements are not only useless for most people, but large independent studies have shown that vitamin A, beta carotene, and vitamin E supplements are associated with an INCREASE in overall mortality. Vitamin C does not prevent or reduce colds or viral diseases, though there is some evidence that daily moderate consumption of red wine does. Vitamin D may be worth considering based on blood levels. When considering overall health and longevity, it comes down to sensible diet and lifestyle not vitamin supplements.

  • Tika
    Posted on

    Both my father and myself have noticed extreme improvement (for me, prevention) for psoriasis by taking vitamin D3 + omega 3 + Emergen-C supplements! can't recommend this combination enough. I've had two outbreaks and both were cleared in a few days from this remedy.

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