Luxury Beauty Products On-the-Go

It's a likely scenario: You're so busy or absent-minded before a planned trip that you totally forget to pack a tube of toothpaste or you decide to stow your favorite face cleanser in your carry-on, only to have it taken away at the security gate. It happens to the best of us, but the good news is, you can now get away with this mishap with little to no stress.

The beauty retailer 3Floz (which specializes in TSA-friendly travel-sized beauty products) has teamed up with the luxury vending machine company ZoomShops to put 3oz versions of your favorite tried and true beauty products in airports near you. Much like the vending machines you see stocked with Apple iPods or Proactive, these automated self-service retail stores will be packed with beauty items like hairspray, moisturizers and even novelty products like 3Floz’s curated travel kits and other gift-worthy items.

3Floz carry brands like Serge Normant, AHAVA, Malin + Goetz and Supersmile (just to name a few). They are starting with 25 automated retail shops in top domestic airports around the country and you can expect to see them some time around summer.

What do you think about this? Would you buy beauty products from a vending machine?

  • Sarah
    Posted on

    3floz products are terrible. why wouldn't anyone just use inexpensive 3oz containers for their fav products? Even if I did forget something, I would not pay a bloated price for 3oz of my fav personal care items. I'll simply wait and buy it at my preferred retailer.

  • Shirl
    Posted on

    I totally agree with TKnCK. I would have to know the company and see exp dates.

  • TKnCK
    Posted on

    If the company was 3Fl oz I would as they have awesome customer service! I would also want to make sure you could see the expiration date of products before paying for!

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