The Flexible Vegetarian

Being a vegetarian or vegan is not easy in our food-obessed society. What's a barbecue without a juicy burger or a Thanksgiving dinner without the turkey? Getting the recommended 45 grams of protein every day (for the typical woman) is a challenge for strict vegetarians who tend to rely on soy and wheat protein, but many people are allergic, so what's a wannabe vegetarian to do?

Be flexible. There is a new class of vegetarians growing in popularity, known as "occasional" vegetarians or "flexitarians," who eat vegetables most of the time and make an effort to reduce their animal meat and dairy intake. But no one's perfect, right?

Apparently food manufacturers are taking notice of this new trend, reports Food Technology magazine. Food companies like Kraft Foods and General Mills are launching lines of processed vegetarian food products. So we'll likely have more veggie-burger options to throw on the barbecue grill...but there's still no option for the turkey this week, is there?

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