Compression Garments Meet Cellulite Massage In State-Of-The-Art Shapewear

You've probably heard about body-shaping massage treatments, as well as post-surgical compression garments. Now, an Italian company previously known for embolism and deep-vein thrombosis preventative legwear has combined the two ideas, creating a unique, wearable cellulite solution.

Solidea offers a range of "micro-massing" shapewear, and there's actually quite a bit of science behind each garment's magic. A special Lycra-infused knitting process-its texture looks and feels like no other shapewear we know of-works like a cellulite-targeted compression garment. As you move in it, it boosts the circulation in your skin and fat tissues, leading to a drainage effect. Skin looks more toned, less lumpy.

Depending on how large an area you want to work on, you can get shorts, capri-length leggings, and even a tummy band. We wonder why anyone would squeeze into shapewear that doesn't do more ever again!