This Chic New Fragrance Is Designed to Lower Cortisol Levels

A spritz of a go-to fragrance can work wonders in boosting confidence before walking out the door, but supplement brand The Nue Co is taking the power of scent to the next level. Functional Fragrance ($40), their latest perfume launch, is designed to lower cortisol levels and create a sense of calm.

Created with perfumer Frank Voelkl, the next-gen perfume blends green cardamom, iris, Palo Santo, violet and cedarwood—as Voelkl says, “there’s no fruit or vanilla, or anything that makes it perfume-y”—into a unisex fragrance designed to calm the nervous system via olfactory triggers. (The brand utilized research from the Geneva Emotion and Odor Scale, a study that zoomed in on the power of scent on our emotions).

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Use it like you would any other fragrance—spray it onto your wrists and neck—but be sure to inhale and take a moment for yourself. Trust us, you’ll want to—the results are impressive. According to the brand, 93 percent of people would recommend Functional Fragrance as an anti-stress aid, and 96 percent felt instantly calmer after using it.

Equal parts rich and fresh, the scent is luxe enough to make it to the front of your collection, and practical enough to keep it there. Perhaps Voelkl puts it best: “It’s not a perfume; It’s a perfect balance between freshness and warmth, exhilarating versus calming. A scent to promote well-being.”