Bath & Body Works Just Revamped This Cult-Classic Line

Maybe it’s eucalyptus candles, chamomile tea or a lavender-infused eye mask that helps drift you off to sleep at night, but I’d venture to say that Bath & Body Works Sleep Body Lotion has had something to do with the way many of us have relaxed before our head hit the pillow at night least once. Whether you’ve only tried it or you’re one of the line’s die-hard devotees—trust me, you’re not alone: the aromatherapy line is Bath and Body Works’ most popular range—its latest revamp to the collection is about to get you so excited (and tranquil).

Originally made up of three ranges—Sleep (a blend of lavender and vanilla), Stress Relief (eucalyptus and spearmint), Energy (orange and ginger) and Sensual (black currant and vanilla)—the brand isn’t just refurbishing bottles in its Aromatherapy line, but its lineups and formulas, too. Essential oils will now be more present in each scent and formulation (with six new essential oil blends, to be exact) and while Sensual will be discontinued, four new scents will begin rolling out in stores this month: Comfort (vanilla and patchouli), Happiness (bergamot and mandarin), Focus (eucalyptus and tea) and Recharge (sage and mint), with the latter available in late October. And while Sleep is the original must-have scent, it now boasts a new essential-oil blend based in lavender and cedarwood for slight twist on a classic. 

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The new-and-improved Aromatherapy collection includes skin care essentials like body scrubs, body oils and cream cleansers; shower-boosters like bath soak and shower steamers; and Zen-boosting must-haves including pillow mists, essential oil roll-ons and room sprays that are sure to put a stressed-out mind at ease. And don’t think Bath & Body Works forgot about the classics—three-wick candles, Wallflowers, hand soaps and lotions will still be available in both the traditional and refurbished scents.  

The new collection will gradually become available both online and in stores beginning this month, with no item exceeding $25. Finally, unwinding just got so much easier.

  • Robyn
    Posted on

    Please bring back Tranquil Mint. It sells for $100+ per bottle on Amazon and eBay. I bought several before it was retired. Unfortunately, I don’t have anymore. After using Tranquil Mint, I have not found another Aromatherapy scent I like. I hope you will consider the request. Respectfully submitted, Robyn

  • Anonymous
    Posted on

    I want the body mists sprays back!!!!!

  • Joy Dragland
    Posted on

    I was heartbroken when I found out during my after Christmas shopping that Sensual was no longer available. I was there to re-stock on it since I was down to the last little bit in the bottle I had. I've had to add water to the bottle just to eke out the last little scraps of what's left in the bottle because I just can't say goodbye to my favorite B&BW fragrance. They can't tell me it wasn't a good seller because there is evidence that it was and still is judging by the scalping prices people are charging for them on sites like Ebay and Amazon aftermarket. I have emailed corporate about it, and the attendant I spoke with at the store said that the more people email and call them about re-instating a discontinued product, the more likely they are to bring them back. So, if you're really upset about it, take a few minutes out of your day to tell corporate.

  • Joyce holmes
    Posted on

    The new scents are a waste of money .they DID NOT add more oils they reduced them .the new lavender literally disappeared the moment it drys .all of the people who tried it said it smelled like water. Rip off!

  • Tracy
    Posted on

    Very disappointed! Do not like the new stress relief formula. I have used this lotion and pillow spray since 2003 and have received many compliments on the way it smells. This new formula does not smell as nice and does not last as long. I will be looking for a new place and product to purchase.

  • Anonymous
    Posted on

    They shouldn't discontinue the Sensual scent. That's the only one that smalls amazing no matter where you are and it lasts all day!

    Posted on


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