Everything You Need to Know About the Very First Amazon Exclusive Beauty Product

Oiu Glo makes a really solid sheet mask. It has a lot of skin-boosting collagen, glow-worthy fruit extracts—it actually exfoliates as you wear it—and mega moisturizers that will have your skin thinking you just invested in a series of some very serious facials.

Besides all the amazing skin benefits, it also holds the award for being the very FIRST Amazon Exclusive beauty product to be sold on the site.

As the brand told us, it's still “kind of new” (it just launched last month and this is currently the only product it offers), but it's been working on this skin-perfecting concoction for a while, and it definitely shows.

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Aside from setting a place in Amazon-purchasing history, the company also stands by the fact that its rich Collagen Face Mask ($39 for 12) is the kind of product you can use “whenever”—as in before you put your makeup on in the morning, at night or when you’re relaxing and watching TV. 

In addition to all of the above multiuse facts, the brand is also super proud of the fact that it doesn't test on animals and doesn't use parabens or sulfates, and the mask is so gentle, you can use it every day.