Queen Elizabeth Has Been Wearing The Exact Same Nail Polish for Almost 30 Years

Queen Elizabeth is the epitome of class. Obviously, things like being British (that accent always comes across as elegant) and the fact that she’s, you know, an actual Royal certainly ups her level of sophistication, but her general choice in fashion and simplistic beauty also give off majorly refined vibes.

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Knowing this, the latest news to arise regarding Her Royal Majesty shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. It turns out, Queen Elizabeth has been wearing the same shade of light pink on her nails since 1989.

Insider points out that according the essie’s website, Queen Elizabeth’s hairdresser once sent Essie Weingarten a letter in 1989 requesting a bottle of Essie’s most popular pale pink nail colors: Ballet Slippers. After peeking at the Queen’s nails through the ages, GoodHousekeeping believes she hasn’t strayed from the pastel hue much at all over the years—who could blame her? It’s the perfect shade to match any outfit, skin tone or nail type. Even better, not only is it fit for a Queen, but it's also only $9 a bottle, making it quite a steal.