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Veneers are wonderful!

Cost: 0 in Wilmette, Illinois area

Hillary Miller said

My teeth were worn down and slightly uneven. When I opted for Veneers I didn't know what to expect. I was very pleased with the simple process. It was not at all painful. Now my smile is free and natural and I feel so much more confident with my beautiful teeth! Totally worth it! Thanks Dr. Kohler!

Worst decision I ever made

Anonymous Reader said

Getting veneers was the worst decision ever. Ive had to return to the dentist on so many unnecessary occasions. And the doctor even said it wasnt my maintanance that was the problem bc i was taking great care of them!

Veneers keep breaking

Olivia A. said

I 've had veneers for a couple years now and it was such a mistake. I shouldve appreciated my smile. They are damaging my enamel and the constant trips back to the dentist have wasted my money, time and caused me so much pain (the drilling!)

Veneers look great

Alexis I. said

As someone who had no choice but to get veneers becuase an accident take it from me.. get a good doctor who explains  all your options! I was lucky that I chose the right doctor for me but i have friends who have had nightmare stories about veneers. do your homework!

Mismatched veneers with teeth

Gary C. said

My veneers are not the same shade as my natural teeth. the doctor said that i should get bleaching prior to the procedure but now the veneers look grey (and the colors somehwat vary among them too!) and my teeth look the natural white/ivory. I am very disastified with my results

Please don't get Lumineers.

Anonymous Reader said

Don't get Lumineers. They break, fall off and need to be refitted often.I learned the hard way but you dont have to!

Smile more now

Anonymous Reader said

it is a fact that you will  smile more when you are confident in the appearance of your teeth and gums. I experienced this  myself after I had my teeth fixed and had veneers placed. People even called me out for smiling more!


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