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Ultrasonic Lipo: Works but the fat DOES redistribute!!!

Cost: $3,000 in Done in Sydney, Australia area

Irene Tobias said

Had it done on my flanks - one year later, even being a person who works out 4 times per week and eats a VERY healthy diet - the fat returned to my upper arms, back, bra bulge, and upper stomach. My stomach also has started to distend. Also coincidentally had severe health/hormonal problems arise post-op...at the age of 23. Do your research, people. And beware of articles that promote free publicity and marketing without using independent sources or identifying conflicts of interest..

Love these lipo treatments!

Rita G. said

I have been doing ultrasound-assisted treatments and  just finished my  5th treatment. It toned my muscles as well so I feel better as well as look better!  it's affordable and the results supposidley last a great deal of time.

Lipo actually made my legs lumpy

Anonymous Reader said

I had lipo on my thighs twice and the lumps are gone. . So glad I went through all that. Now I can wear a bathing suit in public.

Maintain results post-lipo

Anonymous Reader said

just because you got lipo doesnt mean you no longer have to workout and eat healthy. these procedures will never  fix your body forever. take it from someone who has had the procedure o nmultiple occasions. you have to keep yourself healthy and active and only use these procedures as a starter or a finisherto your health and fitness goals

Lipo hardly did anything

Anonymous Reader said

 The first time i had lipo I still had lumpy skin after and not even of the fat was taken out  now with the scars everyone knows i had the procedure yet i still have acess weight. so embaressing.


Anonymous Reader said

WOW!!!!!!!  I look and feel great after lipo!!! I suggest to any person who wants to lose inches.. it really works, my friends have started and they are having the same reaction as me!

Lipo has left me disfigured

Anonymous Reader said

I had liposuction on my thighs but my doc wasnt careful and the surgery caused all sorts of disfigurements..  it has since affected my self confidence greatly. if i could go back in time i wouldve never gone through wiith it

Ultrasound procedures really work

Hillary C. said

These ultrasound liposuction procedures really work... I've had Vasershape done and it reduced inches. definitely suggest trying it out

have to maintain results

Cost: 10,000 in Los Angeles, CA area

Jenna C. said

I was 16 when I got liposuction on my thighs. i dropped one pants size but didn't keep up my diet or exercise routine and within one year, I had gained it all back. I blame myself for wasting the money and while i would recommend this procedure, i would strongly suggest you maintain a healthy lifestyle or it will not be worth it.

Waste of time and money

Suzanne F. said

I had a terrible experience with liposuction! i wanted to have some fat removed from my inner and outer thighs but did not realize I wasn't going to be able to bend my knees for 10 days! i had to be lifted in order to lay down, could've ever sit, and was left with tube scars (where the lipo tubes were inserted) on both of my legs. The bruising took weeks before it went away and i was hardly one size smaller after completely healed. I would recommend a different procedure.

Male Chest liposuction

George R. said

Although, I was always a big guy, i played sports my entire life and had a lot of muscle. I knew eventually this muscle would turn to flab so eventually got liposuction on my chest to avoid having "male breasts." I hardly had any pain and my recovery was smooth. I would recommend this to any guy embarrassed by a flabby chest.


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