These Noninvasive Face and Body Fixes Deliver Remarkable Results

These Noninvasive Face and Body Fixes Deliver Remarkable Results featured image
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The options for face and body treatments undergo constant evolution, presenting innovative solutions and combinations that deliver remarkable results without the need for surgery. Here, we delve into the realm of cutting-edge nonsurgical cosmetic treatments that take results to the next level.

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Sculpted Edge

If you’ve tried or considered Kybella or CoolSculpting to reduce fullness under the chin, you’ll appreciate the added definition that comes from having more structured contours in the jawline. Recently FDA-approved, Juvéderm Volux offers the latest solution for redefining this area, resulting in a more razor-sharp profile. “Volux, like all the other fillers in the Juvéderm family, is made of hyaluronic acid, ensuring its safety,” explains Delray Beach, FL dermatologist Francesca Lewis, MD. “The results are impressive, lasting at least a year. The longevity of Volux in the jawline is due to its limited mobility. Unlike fillers used around the mouth and lip lines that experience more movement, Volux’s higher G-prime number, twice that of Voluma, contributes to its thickness and expansiveness. It effectively creates structure and definition, resulting in a slimming effect when applied to the entire jawline as intended. It doesn’t add bulk; rather, it provides smoothness and tightening.” 

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Peach Plumper

If you’ve considered a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery to add volume or address sagging skin in the buttocks, there are alternative methods to reshape your glutes. Electromagnetic stimulation techniques like Emsculpt NEO or CoolTone, combined with Sculptra injections, can help achieve the desired results. Delray Beach, FL dermatologist Dr. Janet Allenby explains, “CoolTone offers a safe and effective nonsurgical approach to lift and tone the buttocks. This body-contouring treatment enhances muscle mass and improves muscle tone, resulting in a visibly lifted booty. It doesn’t require surgery or invasive methods.” These procedures utilize electromagnetic technology to deliver energy deep into the buttocks muscles, inducing powerful contractions that go beyond what can be achieved through exercise alone. This stimulates tension in the tissues, prompting the body to create and strengthen muscle fibers. One 30-minute session of electromagnetic muscle stimulation in the glutes is roughly the equivalent of doing 20,000 squats, giving the butt a little more fullness. “For anyone who has lost volume due to aging or recent rapid weight loss, I advise starting with four weekly treatments, followed by a monthly maintenance treatment for best results.”

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Toned Core

For mild to moderate pockets of fat or skin sagging, Pittsburgh plastic surgeon Brian V. Heil, MD recommends EmSculpt NEO for tightening the stomach. “It’s a cutting-edge treatment that leverages the synergy between two advanced technologies. The first is High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy (HiFEM), which delivers targeted energy to the treatment area, combined with the application of radio-frequency energy. This dual technology approach works harmoniously to achieve noninvasive fat reduction of up to 30 percent over a series of 30-minute treatments.” The treatment’s radio-frequency component penetrates deep into the skin layers, stimulating collagen and elastin production, essential for skin elasticity. This collagen and elastin boost can aid in tightening loose skin and improving its overall texture.

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Glow Up 

If you’re seeking a treatment that falls between a chemical peel and a hydrating facial, consider dermal fillers that are proven to enhance skin texture. Sculptra’s efficacy in improving skin radiance led to its recent FDA approval. In clinical trials spanning from seven months to two years, the majority of investigators confirmed the improvement of subjects’ skin radiance. At seven months, 97 percent of participants noticed improvement, and at two years, 95 percent observed positive changes. Additionally, 92 percent of patients self-acknowledged an enhancement in their skin’s natural glow two years after treatment. A new addition to the filler category is SKINVIVE, a treatment aimed at improving skin smoothness and overall quality. Distinguished by its focus on hydration and smoothing effects in the cheeks, SKINVIVE has shown promising results in clinical trials, with a majority of participants experiencing improved skin texture for up to six months. San Diego dermatologist Melanie Palm, MD, emphasizes that “SKINVIVE fills an unmet need for long-term improvements in skin quality.” The microdroplet injectable gel enhances aquaporin expression, enhancing hydration and resulting in a radiant complexion. 

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Dry Shield

If you are needle-averse and underarm Botox isn’t in the cards, the new Brella SweatControl 3-minute patch offers an alternative to temporarily halt sweating. In April, the FDA cleared the Brella SweatControl Patch for excessive underarm sweating (primary axillary hyperhidrosis). The patch works via an interaction between the water in sweat and the sodium in the patch which generates a targeted amount of heat, causing microthermal injury to the sweat glands. In a study involving hyperhidrosis patients, measured sweat production dropped by more than 50 percent for most (60 percent) treated participants.

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