Elle Macpherson Just Launched Her Own Skin Care Line and It’s Epic

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Earlier this month, WelleCo, the Australian nutrition brand founded by supermodel Elle Macpherson announced they would donate 100% of their sales for a period of time to the various rural fire services fighting the devastating bushfires in their country. This comes as no surprise as Macpherson and her brand are so interconnected to their homeland, the country name is even printed on the bottles. There is no WelleCo without Australia, a fact Macpherson proudly admits. 

NewBeauty got a chance to test the luxe line firsthand and it’s so so good. Of course, the line from the “The Body” includes a Nurturing Body Balm and Uplifting Body Cleanse, along with a Restoring Hair and Scalp Mask and a Brightening Face Mask. After slathering ourselves in Native Australian Bush Flower Remedies from head to toe, we spoke to the iconic model about which uniquely Australian ingredients were sourced to create this nourishing line. 

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NewBeauty: Do you see a cultural difference in how Australian’s approach skincare vs. the rest of the world?
Elle Macpherson: In Australia, we prefer a natural, effortless, less is more approach to beauty in general and the emphasis is on natural ingredients. I believe in simplicity and consistency and that beauty starts from within. When I was younger, I believed beauty and youth went hand in hand. Today, I realize the more direct correlation is beauty and wellness, and I’ve seen this change in attitude, with people now focusing on wellness rather than youth, which is refreshing.

NB: The list of beauty brands coming out of Australia continues to grow. You’re very much a trendsetter in that regard. How does it feel to see A-beauty continue to evolve and does it surprise you? 
Macpherson: As the beauty industry has expanded to a global scale, it’s exciting to see how the Australian beauty market is reaching new levels and new global consumers. WelleCo is one of the pioneers of the ingestible beauty movement, recognizing that nutritional beauty is the 4th pillar of beauty alongside skin, color and fragrance. We believe in balancing inner and outer beauty and we continue to inspire and encourage our global community to take responsibility for their own wellness journey.

NB: Can you name what your skin-care routine was in your 20s and 30s? What did you use then? 
Macpherson: I’ve always liked to keep my routine very simple and natural, which I still do. Growing up in Australia I spent most of my time on the beach in the Australian sun, and often without any sunscreen (yes, I said it!). As time has passed and I’ve become more educated, if I’m outside now I’ll always wear a cowboy hat, cover myself and then use an organic and clean SPF50+ cream. More importantly, I’ve noticed that what I put inside my body directly affects the outside – so I take care of how I nourish my body, mind and spirit.

NB: Today, skin care and self-care are so huge, how has your own routine evolved over time? 
Macpherson: I’ve learnt that beauty is not skin deep but comes from within, so to keep my skin looking clear and bright, I’ve found the key factors are clean nutrition and concentrated nutrients, deep sleep, lots of water, exercise and a good dose of laughter each day. Before founding WelleCo, I realized I wasn’t feeling or looking my best. I was tired and felt run down, was sleeping sporadically, experiencing brain fog, and my skin was dry, dull and uneven. I had been putting on weight and was feeling unmotivated and generally downhearted. I consulted Dr. Simone Laubscher who created a custom-mixed super greens powdered formula that would become the foundation for The SUPER ELIXIR Greens. After implementing some simple lifestyle changes and including The SUPER ELIXIR in my daily routine, I experienced significant health changes including improved digestion, weight loss, tighter and dewier skin, and a lighter, cleaner and leaner body. I felt more emotionally balanced, didn’t get sick as often because my immune system was supported, and because I was finally sleeping properly, woke up feeling rested and energized. I wanted to share this solution with other people and that is how WelleCo was born in 2014. 

NB: What was your inspiration for incorporating skin and body care into the WelleCo line? 
Macpherson: Our Native Australian Bush Flower Remedies take a holistic approach and help provide nourishment for both the skin and spirit. We developed these daily essentials because I couldn’t find anything in the market like this for myself. I believe the body can heal itself given the right environment and I truly believe our new essentials will help people on their wellness journey. We wanted to provide limited-edition everyday essentials to complement our ingestible beauty philosophy.

NB: While creating the line, how did you identify the best ingredients? 
Macpherson: I believe in the importance of balancing inner and outer beauty and wellness. Most importantly, I wanted our daily essentials to deliver more than just washing and moisturizing the body, face and hair. Our ingredients are carefully considered, and our products were formulated using traditional Australian bush flower remedies which are known to help promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. 

NB: What is the one product from the line that everyone should try? 
Macpherson: I am a fan of all! Our Brightening Face Mask is great – it looks pretty and glossy when you put it on and then my skin looks clear and glowing after. The enriching formula helps to illuminate and has natural antimicrobial properties to help in gently exfoliating, leaving the skin feeling smooth, dewy and re-energized. The botanical extracts work in synergy to amplify each ingredients effect – and I love the way I’ve seen the clarity and texture of my skin improve.

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