Infographic: How Often Should You Really Get Facials?

Regular facials are one of the building blocks of healthy skin, but can you have too much of a good thing? Learn when you should really book another appointment and when you're likely to see the benefits with this graph. 

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    This is a great graphic and very informative - The frequency to what treatments are done depend 100% on your home care - and also your skin condition and thickness - The darker, the thicker the skin is ( generally speaking) and you will need more treatments to penetrate to the root of the problem - The more fair the skin the thinner it is so less treatments will be required to achieve a desired result - I often recommend patients to alternate between peels and facials - Facials are wonderful for that in between treatment - where it provides pampering while helping with healing and recovering from medical procedures - Facials alone can only go so far but the combination of in office procedures and proper home care is wonderful - For more tips like this follow @SKINCAREXPERT -

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