Does Your Hair Really Need A Heat Protectant Spray?

Your hair is basically your best accessory in the beauty department. So to put your best follicle forward you cut it, color it, blow-dry it and what not, until it's how you want it. However, it ends up taking a beating in the process. That's why there's products like heat protectant sprays to help minimize the damage. But do they actually work? We asked Michael Duenas, hairstylist and founder of Hair Room Service in New York, to find out.

From what he says, they definitely serve a purpose, and in fact, make a dramatic difference. “A heat protectant adds moisture to your hair, preventing the natural moisture to evaporate,” says Duenas. “It also forms a protective barrier over the cuticle on the hair strand, preventing heat damage and enabling your hair to keep its high shine.”

When choosing a spray, Duenas says to look for products that contain obliphica Berry, argon nut oil, olive oil and/or coconut oil. These particular oils have nourishing properties that will help protect your hair and condition it. A couple of his favorites include Schwarzkopf Bonacure Oil Potion ($38) because it helps your hair dry faster while also keeping it soft and smooth. He's also a big fan of Amika Obliphica Heat Defense Serum ($30) because it has anti-frizz agents and helps fight humidity.

Once you've got the right product, always use it before blow drying or running a heat styling tool, like a curling iron or flat iron, through your hair. Another step to protect your strands from heat damage is to use a cooler temperature when blow drying. Even though it may take longer, the cooler temperature will help close the cuticle and make your hair shiny.

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  • Thomas
    Posted on

    Anything with oil will "fry" the hair, look for oil free

  • Elena
    Posted on

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but heat goes through the thin layer a heat protectant might provide, first, you can't guarrantee that every millimeter of the hair is covered, second, if it prevents too much heat from reaching the hair, why use high heat in the first place? third if there's water in you hair once the styling tool reaches 100°C (and most go well over 180°C) it will evaporate no matter what you do. There is no way of preventing or reducing heat damage, once you cook a steak it will never be raw again, hair is a protein so, same deal. The shine that you see it's the silicones or oils coating the hairstrands that create an illusion and while it is true that some oils help condition hair, none will prevent heat damage in any way.

  • Lolla
    Posted on

    i can finally prove to my sister that not all heat protective sprays have a lot of chemicals

  • Courtney
    Posted on

    I take a few days off from heat styling every week. it's really changed my hair immensley. I was blow drying and straightening every day and it turned my hair to straw. Give it a break every now and again!

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